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Release Notes for Zoom 8.0.1

Release Date: 8th March, 2021 Zoom 8.0.1-RELEASE.227 is the second release in the Kilimanjaro series. This release includes updates for the Windows server, and Mac and Windows clients. Revision History This section describes the revisions and its details this release of Zoom. Release number Date Description 8.0.1 08th March, 2021 Second release in the Kilimanjaro […]

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Release Notes for Zoom 8.0

Release Date: 29th January, 2021 Zoom 8.0.0-RELEASE.103 is the first release in the Kilimanjaro series. This release includes Linux server, Windows server, and Mac and Windows clients. Zoom 8.0 comes with a brand-new client application called the “Zoom Desktop”. This ReactJS-based application offers a rich set of features and provides a seamless continuity between the Webclient application as

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Zoom 7.6.3 Release Notes

Release Date: 27th November, 2020 Zoom 7.6.3-RELEASE.226 is the latest release in the Resilience series. This release includes Linux server, and Mac and Windows clients. Webclient application for iPad has been enhanced with crucial bug fixes and better user experience. Hi-res assets download from Webclient application has been decluttered, and made more user-friendly. Zoom now exposes

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Zoom 7.6.2 Release Notes

7.6.2-RELEASE.156 Release Date: 3rd September, 2020 Zoom 7.6.2-RELEASE.156 is the latest release in the Resilience series. This release includes Linux server, and Mac and Windows clients. The clients come packaged with a dedicated Hub component, that handles complex and bulky transfers to cloud storage targets like the Amazon S3.  Zoom 7.6.x is a series of releases

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7.3.1 Release 135 Patch

Major Fixes Changeset commands run with correct results after a folder purge operation now, without the need to restart the Server. Assets affected by a purge are now reported correctly in changeset commands. In a HADR setup, the auto-checkout user’s login is not replicated now, so that authenticated sessions on multiple HADR nodes can run

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7.3.1 Release 127 Patch

Major Fixes In a Zoom NonStop setup on a Windows Server using LDAP, LDAP user association/disassociation with its user groups are also reflected in Zoom as user and role association after pulling users from LDAP. In a Zoom NonStop setup on a Windows Server using LDAP, when users are mapped to multiple roles as per

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7.3.0 Release 147 Patch

Major Fixes The check-in app recognizes image sequences when being ingested from multiple folders. Adobe Air version 27 is now deployed while installing the Zoom Client. New Project templates with several folder layers are now checked-in correctly with VideoFX. Prior to this fix, all folders were being placed on the first level of the check-in

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Usability Enhancements German language localization is available for all Zoom Client apps. Follow Changing locale in Zoom Clients for details. Major Fixes As a measure to increase security within the Zoom framework, session tokens are not transmitted as a parameter now in URLs used in the communication between the Zoom components, including Zoom Server, Zoom

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7.3.0 Release 139 Patch

Major Fixes For Adobe Zoom plugin in Adobe Premiere Pro, an unversioned project file containing unversioned links inside a working copy can now be successfully checked in. Asset preview is now always available for assets in the Zoom Adobe plugin after the Preview Server restarts. User log-out and re-login from the Z-menu does not affect

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7.3.0 Release 154 Patch

Major Fixes As configured for the Web Client on a Windows machine, email notifications will now be triggered correctly when an asset belonging to a collection is modified in the Web Client or Asset Browser. For the Web Client, email notifications will now be triggered on asset approval/rejection or collection expiry when these have been

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New Features VideoFX 2.0: VideoFX module has been brought into the core Zoom product, similar to VideoLX. The configuration for this module will now be done via the Web Management Console. Thus, a complex video ingest solution has been made available out of the box, and its configuration no longer requires resources of high technical

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New Features This Zoom release features integration with the OpenID Connect provider, Ping Identity that lets Zoom users use global Single Sign-On. Check here to know how to integrate it with Zoom. Hot Folders will not store any login credentials now. These will instead use the session of the logged-in user, or if none is

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7.2.2 Release 107

New Features The option to skip metadata-based path during camera card ingest is now available for VideoFX setups. In these setups, the user can choose to save the ingested files as per the folder structure inside the camera card with the parent folder selected by the user in the check-in dialog. Usability Enhancements Dynamic collections

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