Features and Enhancements

7.2.2 Collections Patch

Usability Enhancements Dynamic collections can now be set to only include assets whose latest revision’s metadata matches the search criteria of the collection. To update the filtering in dynamic collections, follow this post. Major Fixes Image converters are updated to convert multiple images successfully while downloading assets from the Web Client or the Asset Browser. […]

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7.2.1 HADR Patch

Usability Enhancements A common default time zone is now configured in Zoom. This ensures that all asset properties are in sync on all geographically distributed servers in a Zoom NonStop setup. Major Fixes IdRecovery has been fixed for deletable entities in Zoom database now so that all Zoom NonStop Servers are always in sync. Assets

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7.2.2 Release 58

Usability Enhancements Search for assets has been improved inside Zoom Adobe plugin. Asset Browser now supports an easy search for multiple values of a metadata field in a single search query. Web Client now shows zip downloads in progressive percentage. FFmpeg in the Zoom installer has now been updated to version 4.0, consisting of libavcodec version 58.18.100. ImageMagick

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New Features Export in Adobe apps: Zoom Adobe plugin now also supports exporting from Sketch. External Collections in Web Client: Web Client now supports external and internal collections. External collections have their own permissions separate from internal Zoom permissions, while internal collections are not accessible by anyone outside the Zoom user and role assignment. Check more

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New Features Data Migration: Zoom now supports the seamless migration of a large volume of data to its repository. Export in Adobe apps: Zoom Adobe plugin now also supports exporting from Adobe InDesign. Usability Enhancements Authorization and error handling in VideoLX are now improved. In the event of an authorization failure between Zoom MAM Server

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New Features Zoom Sketch plugin: A new Zoom Sketch plugin allows users to access the power of the Zoom repository inside the Sketch app. Click here to know the steps to install the plugin. Exporting from Zoom Adobe plugin: Assets may now be exported using Zoom Adobe plugin in Adobe After Effects, Adobe Photoshop, and Sketch. Web

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New Features Brand New Web Client: A new ReactJS-based web interface has been added to Zoom 7.0.0. Refer to this article for a walk-through of features. Collaboration with Collections: It is now possible to share one or more assets as Collections, amongst various users. Users, depending on the kind of access that has been granted to them,

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New Features and Enhancements Faceted search, a cool new search enhancement is available now. This lets users drill down to their desired result set in an intuitive and easy way. (Faceted Search) Search has been made much faster now, with the use of a dedicated indexing and searching engine (Curator).  Zoom administrators can now edit their metadata

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New Features and Enhancements Archive module is now available in HADR mode also. (Understanding HADR Archive) The 3rd-party tool FFMPEG used internally by Zoom has been upgraded to version 2.7. Major Fixes In Zoom 5.5 there was an issue with log rotation where the most recent entries were not always found in the log file with

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New Features and Enhancements Asset Browser revamped. Key new features are – Performance improvement towards higher responsiveness and scalability Collapsible panels for Metadata, Links and Layers, Keywords, Collections, Path and Changeset navigators. Configurable thumbnail sizes Breadcrumb trail in search and browse views Forward and back buttons for navigation Provision to preserve user preferences like panel

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