Preview Server

Preview Server Features

Feature Version Supported Preview Server Automatic Restarts >=8.0 Preview Server Cookie and Session ManagementSet Webclient Cookie Properties. Like same-site, session expiry >=8.0 Understanding Preview Generation Properties >=8.0 Configure Microsoft Office Previews Version 8.0 or Higher >=8.0 Configure Microsoft Office Previews Version 7.0 or Lower 5.x – 7.x Connect Preview Server with Zoom Server – Set […]

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Preview Server Automatic Restart

Zoom 8.0 and above offers the ability to schedule automatic and periodic restart of the Preview Server.Admins can this feature to schedule the periodic restart of Preview Server at fixed interval on a designated date and time. Configuration Connect to the Preview Server machine, use either SSH or Windows RDP to connect. Visit the Preview

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Zoom Webmin and Preview Server Cookie and Session Management

In this article, we learn how to configure various cookie and session management properties on the Zoom Webmin and Preview Server.By learning about cookie and session properties, one can fine tune the settings according their environment and make them more secure. Preview Server Evolphin Preview Server hosts and provides various functionalities like Webclient, Preview generation,

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Locale setup for Preview Server

Locale for Preview Server Follow these steps to set up Preview Server to use the new locale: Open wrapper.conf for editing from the conf folder inside your Zoom installation folder (Windows: [ZoomInstallDir]\conf and Linux: [ZoomInstallDir]/conf). Locate the line with the highest n for in the file. Add 2 new lines for increasing the value of

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Create A Custom Media Converter For CR2 Files

The necessary files for this process are available from the Evolphin Support team upon request. The following steps should be run by the evolphin user. Download the files cr2-converter.xml and cr2-converter.tar.bz2 Extract cr2-converter.tar.bz2 to /home/evolphin/zoom-deploy/ Open Terminal and run the following command under this directory: chmod +x Test the converter by running an instance of the

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Vantage Media Converter

With Zoom 5.8 and above, Vantage can be used to generate previews of video files using Zoom media converter. What you need to start: Working Zoom and Preview Server. Running Vantage Node. Zoom should be installed on the machine where vantage scripts needs to be executed. A shared location between Vantage node and Preview server. This

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Additional Preview Cleanup Options

  As of Zoom 6.0, new options have been added to preview server cleanup settings. DO_NOT_CLEAN_FUIDS: This option will skip the original asset source file from the cleanup. In other words, original asset file will not be deleted by cleanup process. DO_NOT_CLEAN_PREVIEWS: Do not delete any preview file. Generated previews will never be deleted. DEFAULT: the Cleanup process will decide based on

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Default HTTP Error

When Zoom and Preview are running on the same machine. You May see the following error after a fresh install or upgrade in Web/VAB view. This error can ben fixed by following these steps. 1. IP Address in server.xml/preview.xml please make sure to stop the zoom and preview services. change server.xml/preview.xml to reflect server Ip

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How-to: Preview Server Cache Settings via Zoom Web Management Console

To configure preview cache settings: Log in to your Zoom Web Management portal via browser at http://<yourZoomServerIPAddress>:8443. From the Admin Menu, select Server Control Panel under System Open Review Server settings, then select the Cleanup Settings tab, and then edit the preview cache settings as desired :  From Zoom 6.0 and above, Additional cleanup options and Zoom

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Why is my Zoom / Preview server not running properly on Spanish locale machines?

For Zoom Server / Preview Server to work properly on non-english locale Linux machines, LC_ALL parameter should be set properly; for this the zoom and preview server init.d script (Linux) should have the line “export LC_ALL=$LANG” and LANG should be defined for the user who is going to run the zoom and preview server services

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Why can I not see thumbnails for the files I have imported from the Web Asset Browser?

Thumbnail generation requires access to the “temp” folders on your server-side disk. Please ensure that the default configured “temp” location on your server is write-accessible to the Zoom Preview server process and the related thumbnail generation tools that Zoom internally uses (such as FFMPEG, IMAGEMAGICK etc.). Add the following line in your preview-server.conf to set up

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Debugging Preview Generation

Debugging preview generation is helpful in following scenarios: Preview of some file or specific format is not available. Preview generation by some media convertor/custom convertor is not working. Debugging some new media convertor. Generated preview is not correct. For E.g color mismatch, low quality etc…   View Zoom Preview Server Log Zoom Preview server log can

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Zoom Preview Server API

This section covers the API invocations related to previews and thumbnails in Zoom. All JSON responses contain these standard fields: “success” : “true|false” “errorInfo” : “<Error msg if success is false, else this element will not be present>” “errorCode”: A key that exists in the Zoom message catalog Get Preview or Thumbnail Description:Get thumbnail or preview associated

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Configuring Preview Server

The Preview Server enables preview generation for the Zoom setup. It acts as a cache between various Zoom Clients and the Zoom Server.Preview Server needs a running Zoom server to work with, without any Zoom server Preview Server won’t work and can’t serve the request. Prerequisites/Checklist Up and Running Zoom server. It may be on

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