Release Notes for Zoom 8.0.1

Release Date: 8th March, 2021

Zoom 8.0.1-RELEASE.227 is the second release in the Kilimanjaro series. This release includes updates for the Windows server, and Mac and Windows clients.

Revision History

This section describes the revisions and its details this release of Zoom.

Release numberDateDescription
8.0.108th March, 2021Second release in the Kilimanjaro series. This is a minor release.
8.029th January, 2021First release in the Kilimanjaro series. This is a Major release.

New Features and Enhancements

HARMAN AIR Runtime for Windows

Zoom has removed dependency on Adobe AIR, and now switched to HARMAN AIR. The prerequisite of VC 9 / VC 14 in Windows Zoom installation has been removed now.

Update for Third-Party Libraries

Third-party libraries have been upgraded to their latest stable versions, wherever applicable.

Fixed Issues:

This section describes the issues that were fixed in this release of Zoom.

Ticket IdDescription
The “Null Pointer Exception” error was being displayed while clicking on a collection from the search results. This issue has been fixed.
Internal collections could be shared with external users who were not part of the project. This issue has been fixed.
The appropriate error message was not displayed if a user tried to log in from the Plugin with Ping Realm when the zoom server was down. This issue has been fixed and a descriptive error message is displayed.
Link-related information would not be saved correctly for links that were not added in an AE composition. This issue has been fixed.
Note: AE projects that were checked in before the fix must be checked in again with this fix for the information to be saved correctly in the database.
The “Import Data Timeline as Markers” button did not appear on the asset details page when accessed from the “Linked Files” tab. This issue has been fixed.
All timeline-related data was not being displayed on the Asset Details page. Sometimes only a single value would be displayed for each timeline data. This issue has been fixed.
In the Links tab, if the fetching links operation failed upon refresh, due to server unavailability, an “Unknown Error” message was being displayed. This issue has been fixed and a descriptive message is now displayed.
In Visual Asset Browser 8, a “Null Pointer Exception” error was being displayed while trying to view an asset in the collection. This issue has been fixed.
If an asset is being previewed in Zoom Desktop, the “View In Zoom” operation would not display or redirect to the latest version of the asset. This issue has been fixed.
Table describing the issues that were fixed in this release of Zoom.

Known Issues

This section describes the known issues and any major pending issues associated with this release of Zoom.

Ticket IdDescription
VABNG-3507A “Null Pointer Exception” error is displayed while clicking randomly on a list of assets in the change navigator.
ZC-1545While using macOS, reinstallation of the Zoom client is successful even if an existing client has not been uninstalled. This is not the designed workflow. The new installation must fail if a Zoom client is already installed.
VABNG-3497A “Null Pointer Exception” error is displayed in the CP logs. This issue occurs randomly and the experience is not consistent.
PNG-2155The “Linked files” tab displays the asset as unversioned if a link is made for a hi-res versioned asset.
ZC-1547No error message is displayed if asset checkout fails in the Visual Asset Browser (VAB).
ZS-11776A user interface-based option to configure auto restart the preview server is not available.
PNG-2147In the Advance search results page, the results are not uniformly aligned in the GUI.
VABNG-3482The “Checkout With Links or links & proxies” operation opens the complete working copy folder in Finder instead of the main file. This issue also occurs in VAB 8.
ZC-1076If the .zm file creation at a customized path fails, the custom .zm file path field displays the wrong location.
PNG-2135The in-progress spinning wheel is not displayed for non-video assets if users resize the plugin while the preview is loading.
PNG-2115The display of tool-tips for filters in the GUI overlaps the filter category name.
PNG-2113The display of asset name and ID in the GUI overlaps the thumbnail of the asset in the thumbnail view.
PNG-2112The display of tool-tips for asset names in the GUI overlaps the scroll-bar.
VABNG-1160The “Z” icon is displayed instead of the icon for VAB.
VABNG-3486The Zoom desktop icon appears blurred.
VABNG-3483The correct label is not displayed while loading a collection.
VABNG-3484Zoom Desktop displays the normal login screen instead of the SSO login screen.
PNG-2165Multiple issues occur when an AE file contains corrupt AE composition.
ZS-11771Transcoding for some hi-res assets fail and the “Failed to get the thumbnail for the asset” error message is displayed, even when the transcoding is successful.
PNG-2156The “available now” notifications are not displayed for Hi-res and Mid-res files if they are synced with unversioned Hi-res assets.
ZS-11745When a new asset is ingested into the zoom, you may be unable to search for the newly ingested asset as the asset is not indexed yet.
PNG-2110In the Grid View, for assets that have large extension names, some display-related issues have been noted.
ZC-1549From the Windows Start menu, if the client log does not open, it asks to create a clientproxy.log_txt file.
ZS-11782From the Windows Start menu, the Zoom Server Stop option is unable to stop the Zoom service.
PNG-2146Asset names appear truncated in the list view of the Advance search results page.
PNG-2159A delay occurs while loading comments and count while previewing assets.
PNG-2166In the “Linked Files” tab, if an asset contains a blank value in “Date Created” metadata field, an incorrect value is displayed in the “Dated Created” column instead of a blank space.
VABNG-3506Previews are not available for newly ingested assets.
FTS-85A delay occurs while saving the config through UI, for Curator.
VABNG-3503Switching from the Collection to the Asset tab or adding any asset to a collection should not refresh the Asset tab
VABNG-3501A “Null Pointer Exception” error is displayed while clicking on assets in the change navigator.
ZC-1541A “Zoom Desktop quit unexpectedly” error dialog is displayed if the zoom client is uninstalled when VAB8 is open.
VABNG-3494In the Asset tab, if dark mode is disabled, the deleted, archived, or expired folders, and file names are not clearly visible.
VABNG-3491When search is performed for collections that contain a space in the name, the results are not displayed.
PNG-2157For Cinema4D, while choosing a .avi file as the Render Output File Format, the file must be imported as a Hi-res asset. The file is instead imported as a Direct ingest file.
PNG-2153The “An unknown error has occurred in LightProxyCommandExecutor. Error message: Null command in CommandCreator” error message is displayed if the server is restarted when the check-in is in progress.
VABNG-3490For Projects, the left-side tree and the central Panel are unable to sort the contents according to the selected options..
PNG-2148When export is in progress, The “ExportFileImportCommandCreator Unknown error” error message is displayed if the Retry SYNC action performed when a user logs out from the z-settings page.
PNG-2145In the Advance Search results, a delay occurs while displaying Timeline Data.
PNG-2143The correct tool-tip is not displayed when the user tries to login in the Plugin and closes the login prompt browser.
PNG-2139Actions must be performed only when a user clicks on the Actions icons or labels. However, actions are performed even when a user clicks on anywhere on the Actions row on the Asset Details page.
PNG-2138An Export notification is displayed with a tmp path when sync fails. However, no export notification should be displayed when the sync fails.
PNG-2134Single Sign-On button is not aligned to the center when the plugin sizes vary.
PNG-2132When a user clicks on comment notifications, no progress bar is displayed while the comments are loading.
PNG-2130Inconsistencies in display of assets in list view have been noted in the between the “Linked Files” and “All” tabs.
PNG-2129The login screen is not displayed if a user logs out from the Z menu the user performs an action that requires authentication.
VABNG-3480In the Visual Asset Browser, if any folder is moved into a deleted folder, the moved folder is renamed with the name of the deleted folder.
PNG-2127If an asset belongs to multiple collections and if the name of the asset is long, the View in Collection icon is not aligned correctly.
VABNG-3476In Search and Execute, when any action is performed on a folder that is moved, an error is displayed.
PNG-2114Issues around truncation of file names have been observed for assets in the thumbnail view.
PNG-2109Inconsistencies have been observed in the positioning of the overlay icons in the “All” and “Linked Files” tab in the list view.
PNG-2169While using the “Checkout with links only” option in the VAB, assets are displayed as unversioned in the Plugins. These links must appear as broken instead of being unversioned.
PNG-2160For Cinema4D, if the name of the multipass files is changed, the single direct asset is skipped when re-rendering and importing.
ZS-11762In the Jobs dashboard, the “Failed” reason button is hidden if the user selects any failed jobs for viewing the job details.
PNG-2137Descriptive messages are not displayed for Success or Error messages in the PingRealm.
PNG-2136The display of the in-progress spinning wheel is inconsistent across pages.
PNG-2168For Adobe InDesign, the incorrect path is displayed in the “Link” Tab, instead of the offline or the missing linked asset name message.
VABNG-3495While ingesting a hi-res asset if the user clicks on a notification, the system shows that no matches were found instead of the “Transcoding is in progress” message which is displayed later.
ZS-11778While mining audit logs, auto filter does not work for search using “username” , “command”, and “status”.
VABNG-3504In Zoom desktop, when a folder is added, the left-side folder tree navigation menu does not refresh and display the structure automatically.
VABNG-3492In the search field, the search icon remains clickable even when the field is empty.
PNG-2108The Link tab should display a green or red overlay icon for the hi-res asset if asset resolution is High or Mid Res.
PNG-2107If an asset is being linked more than twice, a confirmation alert must be displayed.
ZS-11740In the webmin, the auto filter does not filter options while typing in the textbox.
ZS-11741The drop-down list of role names does not automatically close once a role name is selected.
Table describing the major known / pending issues in this release of Zoom

Third-party Issues

This section describes the third-party issues associated with this release of Zoom.

Ticket IdDescription
DSTB-467While uninstalling the Zoom client on Windows, the Windows Installer application displays the “install” word. This is an issue with the Windows Installer application.
ZS-11748The SSLSocketImpl.setSoLinger(true, 0) with OpenJDK 8u272+ cannot be used until a JDK-specific bug is fixed.
Table describing the third-party issues associated with this release of Zoom.


  • Zoom 8.0.1 does not include the cloud-based remote collaboration features and the associated work-from-home toolkit based on client hubs, that featured in the Zoom Resilience series released in 2020. This feature set will be available in our upcoming Zoom 8.1 release.
  • Zoom 8.0.1 does not support mobile devices. This feature will be available in the 8.1 release.

Environment and System Requirements

This section lists the environment, system requirements, certified components, and the third-party compatibility matrix associated with this release of Zoom.

Third-party Compatibility Matrix

Operating Systems (Servers)Windows Server 2012
Operating Systems (Clients)Windows 10 Pro, macOS Catalina 10.15.7, BigSur 11.2.2
BrowsersChrome 89.0.4389.72, Safari 14.0.3 (16610., Firefox 86.0, Edge 88.0.705.81
Adobe Photoshop 22.2
Adobe Illustrator 25.2
Adobe InDesign 16.1
Adobe Premiere Pro14.9
Adobe After Effects 17.7
Adobe InCopy 16.1
MAXON Cinema4D R22
HARMAN AIR33.1.1.259
Evolphin Job Hub2.3.1174-099538f
Telestream Vantage7.2.166
Table describing the third-party compatibility matrix associated with this release of Zoom.

Upgrade Zoom:

This release is compatible with 8.0.1-RELEASE.227 and above.

Documentation and Support

This section provides details about Zoom product documentation and the additional resources that you can use to learn more about Zoom.

Release Documentation and additional resources
Table listing links to documentation and additional resources for Zoom.


See a list of the common troubleshooting steps, tips, and FAQs here.