Release Notes for Zoom 8.0

Release Date: 29th January, 2021

Zoom 8.0.0-RELEASE.103 is the first release in the Kilimanjaro series. This release includes Linux server, Windows server, and Mac and Windows clients.

New Features and Enhancements

  • Zoom 8.0 comes with a brand-new client application called the “Zoom Desktop”. This ReactJS-based application offers a rich set of features and provides a seamless continuity between the Webclient application as well as the Zoom plugins.
  • Search-based report generation has been enhanced to offer customized reports. See the doc here for details of this enhancement.
  • Support for automated periodic execution of specific actions on assets matching pre-defined criteria has been added. This feature allows the admins to schedule unattended cyclical activities based on search parameters. For more details, see this article.
  • Support for HARMAN AIR has been added.
  • Significant packaging restructuring has been done to make our Mac client builds compatible with the restrictions posed by Catalina OS.
  • Zoom AI module has been modified to use the Veritone V3 architecture in certain critical paths, as the earlier Veritone V2 engine had multiple issues.
  • The Curator server and the Preview server now support auto-restart. Check this page on details regarding this.
  • The Preview server now supports the ability to disable scrub generation. 
  • The Preview server now supports the ability to limit the number of threads that can be used for preview generation or actions such as checkout, media conversion, and so on.
  • The preview server cache cleanup functionality has been enhanced.
  • Support for the ability to download comments as FCP XML from the Web Client has been added.
  • Support for video playback based on video timecodes has been added.
  • Support for memory and disk space monitoring has been added.
  • The indexing speed and performance of the Curator Server has been enhanced.

Fixed Issues:

This section describes the issues that were fixed in this release of Zoom.

Ticket IdDescription
ZS-11524The Webclient would download JSON files instead of the appropriate file. This issue has been fixed.
ZS-11523The Preview server would not automatically clear the temp directory. This issue has been fixed.
ZS-10983The Preview server would not auto-pull recent changes and update after a fresh start. This issue has been fixed.
ZS-11370Microsoft Office Preview would not work on windows with strawberry perl. This issue has been fixed.
WC-2060Downloading clips from AI timelines would not work. This ability has now been added and the issue has been fixed.
WC-2064When a collection is created in VAB, the system would pick the wrong default upload location. This issue has been fixed.
WC-2112Scrub generation would not work for the videos. This issue has been fixed.
WC-2114The Webclient would freeze while scrubbing multiple assets. This issue has been fixed.
WC-2124Advance Search would return no results for the “Face” category. This issue has been fixed.
WC-2163The Webclient would not display the complete description of assets with AI data while using the “Locate” feature in the Safari browser. This issue has been fixed.
ZS-11525In the Webclient, AI-related data would not be displayed for forked assets. This issue has been fixed.
WC-2128In the Webclient, the download of PDF with Comments for Collections would not work as desired. This issue has been fixed.
WC-2118In the Webclient, Advance Search would not return all the drop-down categories. This issue has been fixed.
Mobile-84Single sign-on would not redirect to Microsoft login page while using the Safari browser. This issue has been fixed.
ZS-10367A security-related issue for SMTP Configuration has been fixed.
ZS-11399Advance search for custom key frame metadata would not work as desired. This issue has been fixed.
ZS-11463New roles would not be saved if the hierarchy is changed after users are assigned to the roles. This issue has been fixed.
WC-2156In the Webclient, the metadata would not load in the preview panel if the metadata is ingested as Bulk metadata import. This issue has been fixed.
ZS-11561The “Concurrent-Only Users” table would only display a maximum of 25 users even if there are more than 25 users of the “Concurrent-Only” type. This issue has been fixed.
PNG-1913Assets mapping in Premiere Pro panel would not work as desired if a linked asset was modified. This issue has been fixed.
VABNG-2666Page navigation would not work as desired after filtering results on the VAB or web-VAB. This issue has been fixed.
WC-664In the Webclient, the file path could not be viewed in the asset information panel. This issue has been fixed.
ZS-11330The Search and Execute reports would not contain the latest directory names in the file path. This issue has been fixed.
ZS-11372The “SameSite” parameter could not be configured for cookies. This issue has been fixed.
ZC-1513A check-in operation would display an error if the check-in is performed using the Z-menu and multiple working copies of project vaults were selected for check-in. This issue has been fixed.
VABNG-3402The VAB would fails to generate thumbnails for assets with a dollar sign ($) in the name. This issue has been fixed.
PNG-979The Drag and drop function would not work for Premiere Pro for a checked-out folder. This issue has been fixed.
ZS-11356Any “changeset” commands run on CLI or java dialogs would crash before the server restart, if a non-empty folder is purged. This issue has been fixed.
Table describing the issues that were fixed in this release of Zoom.

Known Issues

This section describes the known issues and any major pending issues associated with this release of Zoom.

Ticket IdDescription
WC-2386Adding comments outside the asset preview border in the Webclient is incorrectly being allowed. This also causes issues with zooming while previewing. 
WC-2385It is possible to edit the timecode of the comments added in Webclient in the UI and enter any string. Though this doesn’t get saved, it is distracting, and edits must be disallowed in this flow. 
VABNG-3443After running the Search and Execute operation, the search results are no longer showing up in the Asset Browser’s central panel. This is a regression. 
WC-2383Deleting ongoing download of multiple folders from the Webclient “Under Downloads” panel does not correctly abort the operation; instead an alert indicates it is some unknown error. 
DSTB-457If any Redhat or CentOS Linux system is running on the 6.x version then Zoom Desktop application does not work with glibc-2.12 version library. The glibc library must be upgraded. Please see this FAQ for details. 
WC-2382After triggering download of folders from Webclient, if the browser is reloaded, there is an error message reading “Oops! No matches found for the given criteria”. 
WC-2377Error handling while assigning new users is insufficient: repeated error messages are shown in case of incorrect email ID, whereas no error message shows if the input is not recognizable as an email ID (missing format etc). In addition, the “Share” button becomes unresponsive, and some other controls get hidden. 
VABNG-3361Refreshing in Zoom Desktop application always takes the controls back to the first page of results, even if the user had been browsing later parts of the results when refresh was triggered. 
WC-2224Randomly, on logging into the Webclient application, a blank page is seen. On reloading the URL, the contents become visible. This issue is also randomly seen in the Zoom Desktop -> Assets page.
PNG-2031Searching for Collections seems to only return results if there are collections starting with the given name; searching for strings occurring in the middle of the collection names fail to return results. 
ZS-11710If some users are deleted in the LDAP server, and then if “Pull users and roles”  menu is invoked from the Web-admin console, then an error stacktrace shows up. On repeating the exercise, the pull operation completes. 
WC-2339Clicking on “Download XML Sequence/Create XML Sequence Asset” is downloading the clip and generating a new asset from the clip when the “Create from Data Timelines” option is disabled.
PNG2000When a user tries to login from the Zoom plugin panel and the server happens to be down, then no error message is shown to indicate this state. 
VABNG-3364Downloading PDF with comments is not working if the name of the collection contains a backslash.
Mobile-118Videos do not play from the Webclient when launched from a mobile device.
PNG-1995There are multiple usability issues while exporting from Adobe AfterEffects with AME options. The issues include delayed start of progress reporting, stalling or failure if a user attempted to export the same sequence multiple times, presets list not showing up in the plugin panel, xmp file getting ingested as an asset in some situations etc. Most issues get resolved if the Export tab is reloaded. 
VABNG-3415Randomly, the expanded tree view on the left side panel in Zoom Desktop might get collapsed on the application window being minimized. 
DSTB-458Previews and search indexing do not work when using Zoom Desktop if a self-signed certificate is used for the Zoom Server, Preview Server, Curator Server. Valid commercial certificates must be used.
ZS-11700In the Web-admin console, Audit Log Mining page, the UI controls for searching based on username is not working as expected. 
PNG-2007When links are created using the “Make Links” option of the Zoom plugin inside the Adobe InCopy, the  links get updated correctly as can be confirmed inside the plugin as well as in the Asset Browser. However on closing the application and reopening the icml file, the newly created links are no longer found. The same problem is also observed if the “Make Links” step is executed on an unversioned file inside. NOTE: Links created directly using the InCopy menu options are preserved correctly even on closing and reopening the files. 
PNG-1982When exporting in After Effects from AME, the thumbnail is either incorrect or goes missing. 
PNG-1988File extension is not displayed while exporting with AME options for some formats like TIFF, Targa, AS-10, AS11 etc
VABNG-3336When the download link from Webclient has expired, the message displayed does not clearly indicate that. Instead it prints a technical JSON string that is not user-friendly. 
ZS-11307In the Web-admin console, Manage Accounts page, the checkbox to sort on all pages gets unchecked when the user disables it; however if the page is reloaded, the checkbox comes back enabled undoing the previous uncheck action.
VABNG-3244When attempting to upload over 1000 assets, the check-in dialog does not show up. There is no feedback about whether the process failed or is in progress. 
PNG-2037User gets logged out when importing large number of data timeline/points as set markers in Adobe Premiere Pro 14.8
PNG-1959Plugin extension menu for the Zoom plugin, does not show correctly in the Adobe application menu in random cases on Windows machines. This may be an issue with the Adobe installation or machine-specific constraints. 
VABNG-3408Right-click spell-check options are not displayed in Zoom Desktop. (They are displayed for Webclient).
WC-2192In Webclient, when we add overlapping data timelines, then they are not displayed properly. 
VABNG-3369When attempting to export a large number of files from the Asset Browser’s export menu, there is an error displayed citing that the application is not able to connect to the server. 
EJH-328Archive of image-sequences fail if any intermediate frames are missing from the original ingest. 
VABNG-3299Several options like View in Zoom, View in Finder, Place links etc may sometimes fail for an asset that has just been exported. This is due to indexing delays. It should work on retrying after a short delay.
ZS-11587Archive module failure mail notification content is not uptodate, as it is referencing discontinued features like Lightbox in it. This must be cleaned up.
PNG-2009Auto-fill for newly searched criteria does not show up immediately. There is a delay.
PNG-2098If Retry Sync is attempted twice, and in the meantime the Zoom ClientProxy service is restarted, a NullPointerException error stacktrace gets displayed. This was observed in the Photoshop plugin.
PNG-2096Changes made in the links by another user, when it gets pulled in via Sync, are not getting reflected in the Premiere Pro project timeline. Users will have to switch out and then back into the application for this to be refreshed. 
Table describing the major known / pending issues in this release of Zoom

Third-party Issues

This section describes the third-party issues associated with this release of Zoom.

Ticket IdDescription
PNG-2033, PNG-2038The performance for importing large number of data timelines as set markers in Adobe Premiere Pro 14.8 has slowed significantly. This is evident while handling assets having significantly large amounts of AI data related to transcription etc. Adobe bug id DVAPR-4222208 
VABNG-3468A specific test video could not be played from within the Asset Browser running on HARMAN SDK in the Big Sur OS; this played properly with an older version of the Asset Browser that ran on Adobe AIR on Catalina. NOTE: The test video played fine on the latest Zoom Desktop application on Big Sur. 
PNG-1906Export from Adobe AfterEffects gets stuck if the user cancels from the Media Encoder queue, or the Encoder crashes or if the encoding fails in AME. Adobe bug id DVAME-4198749
VABNG-3469Selecting an asset and dragging it out from the Asset Browser is not working on Big Sur running on HARMAN SDK. 
WC-2225In some versions of the Safari browser (like v13 and v14) on a Mac system that is on a VM, audio / video previews do not work from the Webclient.
PNG-1900Evolphin QA has found that the link-related operations on the Adobe applications are significantly slower in CC 2020 as compared to CC 2019. This has reflected in a corresponding slowness in link-related operations in Zoom as well. In Adobe Premiere Pro, several workarounds have been implemented in order to neutralize the delays from the Adobe APIs. In the next release, similar workarounds will also be implemented on other applications. (Evolphin is tracking this issue with the Adobe team internally).
Table describing the third-party issues associated with this release of Zoom.


  • Zoom 8.0 does not include the cloud-based remote collaboration features and the associated work-from-home toolkit based on client hubs, that featured in the Zoom Resilience series released in 2020. This feature set will be available very soon in our upcoming Zoom 8.1 release. We will send you a notification when that comes out!
  • Zoom 8.0 does not have support for the mobile devices at the moment. This will be available in the 8.1 release.

Environment and System Requirements

This section lists the environment, system requirements, certified components, and the third-party compatibility matrix associated with this release of Zoom.

Third-party Compatibility Matrix

Operating Systems (Servers)CentOS 7, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2016
Operating Systems (Clients)Windows 10 Pro, macOS Catalina 10.15.5, macOS Mojave 10.14.6, macOS Big Sur 11.0.1(20B5022a)
BrowsersFirefox 81.0.1 (64-bit), Safari 13.1.1 (15609., Chrome 85.0.4183.83, Microsoft Edge 85.0.564.68
Adobe Photoshop 21.2.4
Adobe Illustrator 24.3
Adobe InDesign 15.1.3
Adobe Premiere Pro14.8
Adobe After Effects 17.5.1
Adobe InCopy 15.1.3
MAXON Cinema4D R21
HARMAN AIR33.1.1.259
SGL Flashnet6.9.01.003
Evolphin Job Hub2.3.1174-099538f
Table describing the third-party compatibility matrix associated with this release of Zoom.

Upgrade Zoom:

This release is compatible with 8.0.0-RELEASE.103 and above.

Documentation and Support

This section provides details about Zoom product documentation and the additional resources that you can use to learn more about Zoom.

Release Documentation and additional resources
Table listing links to documentation and additional resources for Zoom.


See a list of the common troubleshooting steps, tips, and FAQs here.

Frequently Asked Questions for Release 8.0

1. New asset is exported with number added as suffix to the exported file name instead of creating new revision when we export using Adobe Media Encoder.

In order to avoid adding suffix to the exported file name, uncheck this setting in Adobe Media Encoder Preferences: General -> Increment output file name if file with same name exists.

Image illustrating the “Increment output file if the file with the same name exists” option.

2. User is unable to uncheck “SYNC AFTER EXPORT” checkbox on export tab in After Effects when main file is unversioned.

For unversioned projects, we don’t allow to uncheck the Sync After Export, as the Export Location is the remote Zoom path and it does not exist locally. If a user does not want to sync after export, they can select a custom location.

3. Exporting is stuck in Adobe effects if the user cancels Media Encoder queue or Media Encoder crashes or encoding failed in AME due to any reason.

Adobe Media Encoder used to return the failure or error status in previous releases, but Adobe has stopped doing it in the latest release. Adobe is tracking this as internally as DVAME-4198749. To bypass this issue, we have added a Cancel button in the export progress screen. If a job progress is stuck due to failure in AME, users can cancel the job from the After effects export panel.

4. If any Redhat or CentOS linux system is running on 6.x version then Zoom 8 does not work with glibc-2.12 version library. User need to upgrade the version of glibc library.

The glibc package contains standard libraries which are used by multiple programs on the system.
To work around this issue, run following commands:

  1. wget
  2. wget
  3. sudo rpm -Uvh --nodeps glibc-2.17-55.el6.x86_64.rpm glibc-common-2.17-55.el6.x86_64.rpm