Setting up Hub

You need the Hub Server to manage jobs for various Zoom modules like Hierarchical Archive or AI. You can install it on any server in your Zoom network. Check that you have the Hub installer from Evolphin Support before proceeding. Installing the Hub Extract the shared Hub installer zip/tar to any path on your designated […]

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Setup MySQL for process reporting

When using VideoLX or VideoFX 3.0 +, Zoom process reporting in the Web Management Console can write data to a SQL server. This data will be fetched to display reports inside the Web Management Console about transcoding jobs. The SQL Server is also used for some other modules within Zoom. To save SQL database details

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Asset Storage Models in Zoom

Zoom offers two different asset storage models: Direct Asset Storage External Asset Storage Direct Asset Storage The actual asset is ingested & stored in Zoom database including the metadata Versioning & de-duplication for edits on the asset is possible Requires checkout to a local client working copy on the user’s workstation for edits & linking Best for assets

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10 First Easy Steps to Using Zoom

The following steps are a quick guide to getting started with Zoom on your desktop computer. For a more in-depth guide to getting started, please have a look at . Step 1: Opening Asset Browser Open Asset Browser from the Z-menu. For additional information, see . Step 2: Importing Assets Select assets and drag-and-drop them into

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Updating Zoom License

To update a license (for instance add more users or upgrade from trial to a paid license), a new .key license file needs to be imported into the Zoom Web Management Console. These instructions describe how to update your license file. Instructions Log into the Web Management Console as a user with superadmin privileges. For e.g

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Zoom Deployment Guide

Introduction For the most successful deployment of Zoom, it is important to have everything organized ahead of time. This guide provides insight into the best process for successfully planning and deploying Zoom within your organization. Some of the sections below include documents and attachments that it is advised you fill-out and provide to your Evolphin

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Getting started with Zoom

This guide helps you get started with using Zoom with Asset Browser and the desktop clients. As pre-requisites to this guide, we assume that you have completed the . Launching Asset Browser Asset Browser is a very powerful desktop and web application that allows users to browse and search assets that are stored inside of Zoom. Asset

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Zoom Administration Guide

Introduction This guide is meant to provide all of the necessary items for being the Systems Administrator for Zoom. Most of the Zoom is easy to administrate through the Web Management Console interface. This allows System Administrators and Project Managers to quickly make changes to the server using only their web browsers. Upgrading Zoom Periodically,

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