Changing config manually with HADR

The global settings or configuration for a Zoom server deployment with High-Availability and Disaster Recovery (HADR) enabled can be changed easily through the Server Control Panel or other options on the Zoom Web Management Portal (Webmin). Global configuration may include various aspects such as Repository settings, Metadata specification, Workflow settings etc. However, at present, the […]

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Setup of Curator with HADR

For an introduction to Curator and starting the service see the article on Curator Configuration for Zoom versions till 7.2 and Curator Configuration for Zoom 7.3 onwards. This article discusses the initial setup, and, the process for subsequent configuration of the Curator service when Zoom HADR is being used. Zoom HADR provides High-Availability and Disaster

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Understanding HADR Archive

Minimum Zoom version supported: 5.5 Archive module can be configured by following this article:  HADR Archive Configuration. Features HADR Archive brings the functionality of Archiving assets in a distributed manner. Multiple OR Single Zoom server can be configured to archive the assets. Multiple OR Single Zoom server can be configured to run the archive/restore scripts. HADR

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HADR Database Writer

How To Find Database Writer? Goto Zoom database redo directory location. Redo directory location can be found in file <zoom_installation_dir>/conf/server.xml inside the dbspec tag.<dbspec>………………………………….<redoLogDir>/Volumes/NAS/ZOOM_HADR/ACME-SERVER/db/redo</redoLogDir>  <— Redo directory location ……………… </dbspec> Open file “dlg-data.lck” Peer name mentioned in this file is the database writer. “dlg-data.lck” file is created when Zoom server first starts up.  The Zoom server which

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HADR Archive Configuration

Minimum Zoom version supported: 5.5 All HADR Archive Management changes will be replicated to all Zoom servers. Changes made on one Zoom server will be reflected back on all other Zoom servers.So, enable/disable of Archive in HADR Archive Management will enable/disable it on all Zoom servers. Same of all settings present in it. Enable HADR Archive Login to Zoom

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Manual DB sync-up in HADR mode

The Zoom High-Availability and Disaster Recovery (HADR) module automatically maintains all the configured Zoom server peers in sync, so that all of them serve the same data repository. However, at some times, such as when setting up a new peer, or after a peer’s DB location file system becomes permanently unavailable, a manual sync of the

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