Server Zoom Properties

From Zoom 7.3 onwards, you can conveniently save or update one or more Zoom properties at a single place on the Zoom Server using the Web Management Console. These properties could be for use by the Zoom Server or one or more Zoom Clients. For a simple Zoom setup that does not use locations (as

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Third Party Mount Point Support

Evolphin Zoom offers certain enhancements to the third-party-mount feature so that it may be used with VideoFX or VideoLX. These are accessed from the client-side as described below. Property Sample Value IGNORE_PATTERN_IN_LINK_FILENAME _original EXTENSIONS_PROXY_MAP mp4 -> mov, mxf Both these properties are not supported from Zoom version 7.3 onwards.   IGNORE_PATTERN_IN_LINK_FILENAME This property helps in mapping the

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Customization and Re-branding Email Alerts

Customization of Notifications You can customize the email notifications sent at the time of various milestones. You can edit the content and/or modify the look-and-feel of the notifications. A file named “” and a set of templates are provided inside the “conf/mail-templates” folder in your deployment location. The properties file is organized into two sets

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Setup Office Previews

Zoom does not by default provide previews of Microsoft Office documents like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. But with the custom format mechanism available in Zoom 5.2 or greater, there is a way to resolve this gap nicely. This post covers the steps needed to accomplish this exercise. Note: With version 8.0 or higher, we have made

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Zoom Custom Formats

In 5.2 or greater, Zoom custom formats can be used to control how previews can be rendered for assets stored in the repository. Zoom bundles preview generation tools that by default generate previews for a wide variety of file types. Over and above that, Zoom also provides the necessary hooks for the administrators to configure Zoom’s internal or any external preview-generation tool.

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Configuring Archive Module

Available Archive Modules Enable Archive Management License Archiving is an optional feature that is available only to deployments that hold an appropriate license. You can check your license information in Zoom’s web-based administration console. To check the license information, log on to your administration console in a browser at a URL like this: http://zoomserver:8443/ From

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Configuring Preview Server

The Preview Server enables preview generation for the Zoom setup. It acts as a cache between various Zoom Clients and the Zoom Server.Preview Server needs a running Zoom server to work with, without any Zoom server Preview Server won’t work and can’t serve the request. Prerequisites/Checklist Up and Running Zoom server. It may be on

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Configuring or Moving Database Location

By default, the Zoom database is installed in the following locations: OS Path Linux [ZoomDir]/db Windows C:\Program Files (x86)\Evolphin\DAM\db directory There are a number of sub-folders that are contained within the db folder. The db has a few components: Folder Description filedata Stores the file data information for any of the assets stored in Zoom. redo The

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