Zoom 7.6.3 Release Notes

Release Date: 27th November, 2020

Zoom 7.6.3-RELEASE.226 is the latest release in the Resilience series. This release includes Linux server, and Mac and Windows clients.

New Features and Enhancements

  • Webclient application for iPad has been enhanced with crucial bug fixes and better user experience.
  • Hi-res assets download from Webclient application has been decluttered, and made more user-friendly.
  • Zoom now exposes a set of concise REST APIs, and comes with OpenAPI spec to describe the details.
  • Several search-related bug fixes and improvements for better responsiveness have been included, particularly when using the Webclient.
  • New password policy enforcement has been added for external users coming via the Webclient application. For more details, see this doc. External users can also avail of password recovery facility now.
  • The public webclient application URL is now customizable by admins; see this article on how to do set this up.
  • Check-in user interface has been simplified for ease of use in the case in-place ingest comprising of both hi-res as well as direct assets from within the TPM path.
  • Transcoding can be selectively applied on certain formats of hi-res assets now. Controls for this is available in the Ingest Rules Settings page of the web-admin console.
  • The low-res component file format is now made configurable by the end user.
  • Image-sequence detection default rules have been modified for correcting oversensitivity.
  • Search and Execute reports are now made available for download from the web-admin console, under the Reports section. Additionally, admins could also delete unwanted reports from this page.
  • Search and Execute can now be configured to run periodically, on sets of search parameters saved from the Visual Asset Browser. For more details, check this article.
  • Curator was not returning correct search results of metadata search on an asset that was moved or renamed; this bug has been resolved now.
  • Zoom logging module now additionally supports generation of logs in JSON format. This is useful when the logs have to be consumed by an external systems like Splunk or Elastic for analytics.
  • Zoom audit logging now supports optionally suppressing commands / API invocations, either across the board or when originating from specific user accounts. This is useful in reducing the clutter in the logs that arise out of repeated operations like crons that do not add much value.

Major Pending Issues

  • Randomly, the Zoom login dialog becomes unresponsive, and the user is unable to enter the credentials. In this case, try to minimize the other windows and move the login dialog box, as there may be an extra login dialog window which is causing the issue. Dismiss the other window, and then enter the credentials in the new login dialog.
  • Search & Execute operation with action set to “Extended-Archive” will not work on hi-res assets in a client-hub model; it will only work in the shared PSAN model involving central server hubs.
  • Whenever a Search & Execute operation of “Extended-Archive” is invoked on direct assets, the operation functionally completes, but corresponding report does not get generated.
  • Whenever a user is removed from being restricted to Concurrent-Only usage, and the desktop licenses are exhausted, the Zoom server incorrectly still allows the operation to complete.
  • Invoking archive operation on the smartcopy or smartlink source of a hi-res asset does not automatically include the dependent smartlinks / smartcopies; it aborts with an error instead.
  • The newly introduced search REST API is failing to include IPTC_Keywords metadata in the result.
  • Triggering archive on a direct ingest asset which happens to have some value in the Native File Path metadata property, causes it to also incorrectly be set with Native Archive Status as if it were a hi-res asset.
  • When a user performs a search using “Search everywhere” option in the Asset Browser, and then tries to modify the entries to switch to the “Advanced Search” mode inside the same search tab, the search always fails because the previously entered “Search Everywhere” entries are not getting cleared correctly; as a workaround, open a new search tab to proceed in this case.
  • Searching for the full path of an asset having a space in its name, using the “Search Everywhere” option does not work.
  • Under certain circumstances, hot folder ingest from a particular folder keeps failing until the clientproxy service is restarted. This is random, and typically happens if the clientproxy process has been running for days.

Third-party Issues

  • When deploying with Azure AD for authentication, and logging in with guest users with MFA enabled, we frequently run into messages like “Sorry, we’re having trouble with verifying your account. Please try again”. This is an internal Microsoft issue, which is tracked under ID Case #:22952095

Third-party Compatibility Matrix

Operating Systems (Servers)CentOS 7
Operating Systems (Clients)Windows 10 Pro, macOS Catalina 10.15.5, macOS Catalina 10.15.7, iOS 14.0.1
BrowsersFirefox 83.0 (64-bit), Safari 14.0.1, Chrome 86.0.4240.198, Microsoft Edge 87.0.664.41
Adobe Photoshop 21.1.4
Adobe Illustrator 24.3
Adobe InDesign 15.1.2
Adobe Premiere Pro 14.4
Adobe After Effects 17.1.4
Adobe InCopy 15.1.2
MAXON Cinema4D R21
Adobe Flash Player32.0.0.414
Adobe AIR27.0.0.128,


  • This release is compatible with bits 7.6.3-RELEASE.226 and above.