EZ is used to roll out new releases of Zoom automatically for use on server as well as client machines. Check Getting Started with EZ to see how EZ works.

EZ Client

The EZ Client requires minimal intervention from the user. Once the user clicks the link to install EZ Client, the download, installation, and upgrade of Zoom Client on that machine are all managed automatically by the EZ Client using the Evolphin Zoom Updater app. Using the EZ Client, the user can check for Zoom updates

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Getting started with EZ

The EZ system is a way to automatically manage the installation and upgrade of Zoom Server and Zoom Clients in a new or existing Zoom setup. Once it is configured, administrators (EZ Admin) only need to approve Zoom builds that are automatically downloaded from Evolphin servers and then installed on client machines. Only Zoom Client

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EZ Client Setup

The last step in setting up EZ is to install it on the EZ Client machines (that will host Zoom Client). The build is shared by your EZ Admin after EZ Updater has been set up. On the client machine, download your OS-specific build from the link shared by your EZ Admin. The link will

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EZ Updater

After the EZ Updater is set up, a lot more features are available for use by the EZ Admin. In the initial setup as shown here, one EZ Admin was registered for the EZ Updater, EZ Updater settings were saved, EZ Client bits were configured and then uploaded on EZ for use by the clients.

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Installing and setting up EZ

The EZ setup has at least one EZ Updater machine and one or more EZ Clients. We start with the EZ Updater installation first. After that, we configure the EZ Updater, so the EZ Client builds are available to client machines. Once the client machines have installed EZ Client (and Zoom Client), the EZ system

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Prerequisites for EZ

Here are the requirements for EZ Updater and EZ Client machines: EZ Updater At least one EZ Updater machine is required for one geographical location. It should run Linux or Windows OS. It is suggested to have more than 100GB of storage as multiple Zoom builds will be downloaded and stored here. If the storage on

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EZ Updater FAQs

EZ Client Q: My EZ Updater is displaying builds on the EZ web portal, but the EZ client is saying no available builds.A: Check if the builds are approved on your EZ Updater. Log into the EZ Web portal as an EZ Admin to check this. Q: I am working on Zoom. Would my work be

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