Web Apps

Adobe Flash End of Life

Adobe Flash won’t work after 12th Jan 2021 as Adobe has finally pulled the plug and disabled the execution of Flash based apps on and after 12th Jan 2021. Evolphin Zoom v8.0 has alternatives for Flash based apps.Like: Use Web client in place of WebVAB. Replaced Webmin Flash based charts and reporting components with HTML5

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Zoom Webclient Features

Feature Name Version Allow Non IPTC Group OR Any Custom Metadata Groups in the Timeline Metadata >=8.0 Download/Export FCP XML Sequence from Video Timeline >=8.0 Download Sub Clip from Video >=8.0 Web Client Branding & Configuration >=7.0 Change Webclient Background Image >=7.0 Change Company Logo and Welcome Image >=7.0 Change Default Upload Location >=7.0 Zip

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Export from Asset Timeline View

From Timeline view one can export the timeline or filtered data as a clip, FCP XML Sequence or as an asset.Her are things which are possible right now: Export a Video Sub-clip Clip from a Timeline or based on the filtered values. Create a new Asset from Timeline. Export/Download FCP XML Sequence. Create FCP XML

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The Web Client

The Web Client is full of features to make it easier to work with assets without installing the client-side desktop applications. This powerful tool can let external users connect to a Zoom Preview Server and view a shared collection of assets from anywhere with only as much as a shared link. The internal Zoom users

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Why can I not see thumbnails for the files I have imported from the Web Asset Browser?

Thumbnail generation requires access to the “temp” folders on your server-side disk. Please ensure that the default configured “temp” location on your server is write-accessible to the Zoom Preview server process and the related thumbnail generation tools that Zoom internally uses (such as FFMPEG, IMAGEMAGICK etc.). Add the following line in your preview-server.conf to set up

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