Curator Server

Curator Tips and Tricks

How to Open Curator(Solr) Dashboard? Curator dashboard can be accessed from the machine where it is running. You can’t access the dashboard unless you have access to the machine. If you are on the Curator machine where Curator server is running simply open the URL: http://curator-server:8983/solr in your browser. But if you are not on […]

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Locale setup for Curator Server

Locale for Curator Server Follow these steps to set up Curator Server to use the new locale: Open wrapper.conf for editing from the conf folder inside your Zoom installation folder (Windows: [ZoomInstallDir]\conf and Linux: [ZoomInstallDir]/conf). Locate the line with the highest n for in the file. Add 2 new lines for increasing the value of

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Curator Configuration (Zoom 7.3+)

Curator configuration in Zoom 7.3 is simpler and quicker, without having to edit any XML files or installing any services manually. All required services are installed with the Zoom Server installer and then the rest of Curator configuration is done using the Web Management Console only. Curator setup after Zoom upgrade to 7.3 You need

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Move Curator to Preview server

1. Take back ups of the server.xml files on both the zoom and preview server. 2. Check the curator services configuration before migration. 3. Check the zoom server module before migration 4. Check Asset browser before migration 5. Stop all services on both the services. 6. Check for any stale processes related to evolphin ( ps –ef|grep

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java.lang.OutOfMemoryError in the Curator Log

As your Zoom server grows the search engine will need more memory to index and deliver searches. If you encounter out of memory exceptions you will need to increase the Java heap size in zoom/conf/solr-server.conf. Please modify the values in the fields and  accordingly. Below are some metrics to guide you. Default Configuration 512 MB 2

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Setup of Curator with HADR

For an introduction to Curator and starting the service see the article on Curator Configuration for Zoom versions till 7.2 and Curator Configuration for Zoom 7.3 onwards. This article discusses the initial setup, and, the process for subsequent configuration of the Curator service when Zoom HADR is being used. Zoom HADR provides High-Availability and Disaster

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Indexes on Curator

Indexed Doc An indexed doc means Asset on that revision has been successfully added to Curator. You can check whether a document is indexed in Asset Browser. Go to Actions – Index Status The above image has following details for Asset ID 832   At Repository Revision (RRN) 102 Non-Content status is INDEXED Content status is

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Resetting Curator

Clean State of the Curator Stop Curator Service You have to delete the Curator indexes: For Zoom 7.2 and below, locate the directory specified in  <ZOOM_INSTALL_DIR>/conf/server.xml under the tag <solrDataDir> inside <FtsSpec>. Delete this directory from disk. In the FTS Spec specified here, the directory path mentioned in the tag <solrDataDir> is /opt/zoom/db/solr-db/ For Zoom 7.3 onwards,

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Advanced Curator Configuration with XML Specification

Minimum Zoom version supported: 6.0 Not valid from Zoom 7.3 onwards. This document describes the various configuration parameters of Curator. Basic Configuration The basic configuration that must be performed involves the following aspects. The associated config fields are also given for each step. Enable or disable file content indexing. Config field: fileContentIndex Enable or disable

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Curator Backup and Restore

Minimum Zoom version supported: 6.0 Curator backup and restore can be performed either through a web API or manually. Both methods are described below. Backup Web API Stop all Zoom Servers. Open the following URLs in the order they are written http://<curator-server-hostname>:8983/solr/BK/replication?command=backup http://<curator-server-hostname>:8983/solr/ID/replication?command=backup Start all Zoom Servers Backup Name: You can give a name to

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File Content Search (Zoom 5.x)

File Content Search or Full-Text Search (FTS) Configuration File content search or Full-text search is implemented as a separate service running in conjunction with the Zoom server and the Preview Server. This process is designated as the Curator. The Curator server internally communicates with an Apache Solr instance to which the content indexing and searching are

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