Enforce Password Policy

Zoom 7.6.3 onward, admins will be able set and enforce password policy for external users.In the future, this policy will be extended to apply on Zoom internal users as well. Note: Password policy is enforced only when Zoom Realm is in use, that means users are managed by Zoom server and stored on the Zoom […]

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Zoom Webmin and Preview Server Cookie and Session Management

In this article, we learn how to configure various cookie and session management properties on the Zoom Webmin and Preview Server.By learning about cookie and session properties, one can fine tune the settings according their environment and make them more secure. Preview Server Evolphin Preview Server hosts and provides various functionalities like Webclient, Preview generation,

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Troubleshooting Archive Ops

This article covers the commonly faced issues in the archive module, and how best to resolve them. My colleague ingested a hi-res media, and I want to now use it for editing in my local machine. I triggered Restore to fetch the asset from S3, but it is not working. Why? Check the status of

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Archive / Cleanup, Restore

The Asset Browser provides easy means of triggering archive, restore operations on Zoom data. In 7.6.x series, we have some additional controls that let us exercise these operations on more specific targets, with ease. Before we go further, let us recall some key points about Zoom: Zoom deals with data in two different ways. One

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Purging External Assets

Up until 7.6.2, Zoom has only supported purging of content directly held within the Zoom repository database. Users had to manually remove the unwanted external assets from tier-2 archive storage locations like S3, and also from their individual TPM paths, or shared P-SAN paths. Starting with 7.6.2, Zoom provides support for clearing the high-res /

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Federating SAML2 IdP with Evolphin Zoom’s OpenID Connect (OIDC) Provider

Evolphin Zoom supports OIDC natively. However many Identity Providers (IdP) only support older SAML2 standard for federating with other IdPs. For example if you were using Azure AD as your OIDC provider for Zoom, but needed to provide Zoom Web app access to partners/freelancers that were using Google’s G Suite, you will need to federate

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Login screen after Realm switch

Right after switching realms between Zoom, OpenID (Ping), or LDAP, Zoom apps still show the login prompt for the previous realm. The correct login prompt is shown only after the user attempts to log in using the old login prompt and the login fails. All subsequent login prompts on that user workstation are then shown

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FAQ – Client Archive/S3 Hub

Issue: On MacOS the EJH Client Hub doesn’t start up In some installations on MacOS Catalina+, the Hub’s client folder owner permissions gets configured as root causing the hub to not start up as the current logged-in user doesn’t have ownership of the folder: Resolution Using Terminal If you are conversant with terminal commands, you

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Getting started with C3

Zoom 7.6 can be quickly set up to connect to the online cloud storage of your team’s media collection using C3. C3 stands for Client Cloud Connector. It is first configured on the Zoom Server and then the switch to enable C3 is turned on at the client end. Follow these steps to set up

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