High-res media restore from Zoom plugin

Zoom 7.6.1 onward, users will be able to retrieve high-res assets from archive storage using the plugin.


  • The setup of the hub on your workstation
  • ExternalStore for high-res/native files is configured as a Zoom Third Party Mount Point. Ask your media manager, if you don’t understand what this means. To check just click on the Z menu > Settings > Advance Properties

How to retrieve high-res media using the plugin

When high-res media is unavailable in the workstation, users can link the proxy from the Zoom plugin/Asset Browser/File Explorer. Users can then select the proxy link from the Linked Files tab in the zoom plugin and switch the resolution to ‘High Res’.

If the high-res is unavailable in the workstation, plugin will prompt the user to restore the asset from high-res archive. Users can then choose to go ahead with downloading the high-res media. The download speed will depend on the available network bandwidth.

Zoom plugin will use Zoom client-side Hub to restore the high-res media to the workstation of the user. Once the asset is restored, users will be notified in the plugin notification panel. On clicking the notification, users will be redirected to the Linked Files tab from where they can switch the resolution to high-res.

The plugin will not allow to re-submit the restore request for a high-res media for which restore is already in progress.