Configuring Preview Server

The Preview Server enables preview generation for the Zoom setup. It acts as a cache between various Zoom Clients and the Zoom Server.Preview Server needs a running Zoom server to work with, without any Zoom server Preview Server won’t work and can’t serve the request. Prerequisites/Checklist Up and Running Zoom server. It may be on […]

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Configuring or Moving Database Location

By default, the Zoom database is installed in the following locations: OS Path Linux [ZoomDir]/db Windows C:\Program Files (x86)\Evolphin\DAM\db directory There are a number of sub-folders that are contained within the db folder. The db has a few components: Folder Description filedata Stores the file data information for any of the assets stored in Zoom. redo The

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Zoom Client Logs

For this article we will assume the user’s name on the desktop is “Tom”. If Tom is having issues with his Zoom client he may be able to find the problem by searching the client proxy logs.  Download the logs from Z Settings From the Mac menu bar of Windows system tool bar Goto Z

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TCP Ports used in Zoom

The following ports should be opened in the firewall for Zoom access: Port Required for desktop access Required for web access Description 8880 Yes No Zoom Server 8443 Yes No Web Administration & API access 8873 Yes Yes Preview Server 8983 No No Zoom Curator Service 8874 No No Zoom NonStop Server to Server Data Transfer (HADR)

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Managing Projects

A project is a set of files in Zoom that a Zoom user has access to only if they are a member of that project. A user may also have specific permissions pertaining to a project. A project called defproj is created automatically during initial installation. Users with ADMINISTER permission have access to edit projects. They set

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Zoom Server Logs

Zoom provides a number of different logs to track and diagnose issues with the Zoom Server. Below is a reference of how to access the different logs Zoom provides on the Zoom Server and how to configure the granularity of logs. The following log files are available for troubleshooting on the Zoom Server or Preview

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Log into Web Management Console

The [glossary slug=’webmin’ /] is the tool for configuring the projects, users, roles, and any of the system configurations. It is recommended to use a modern browser such as Google Chrome, Firefox, or Safari when using the [glossary slug=’webmin’ /]. In your preferred web browser, navigate to http://[YourZoomServer]:8443, replacing [YourZoomServer] with the address to your Zoom Server. Log in using your user credentials with ADMINISTER privileges. Click Login. If

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Zoom Administration Guide

Introduction This guide is meant to provide all of the necessary items for being the Systems Administrator for Zoom. Most of the Zoom is easy to administrate through the Web Management Console interface. This allows System Administrators and Project Managers to quickly make changes to the server using only their web browsers. Upgrading Zoom Periodically,

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