EZ Updater FAQs

EZ Client

Q: My EZ Updater is displaying builds on the EZ web portal, but the EZ client is saying no available builds.
A: Check if the builds are approved on your EZ Updater. Log into the EZ Web portal as an EZ Admin to check this.

Q: I am working on Zoom. Would my work be affected while update/installation is going on?

A: Zoom service will be stopped while the actual update/installation is going on. The user should configure the installation frequency accordingly. However, downloading the build could still happen in the background without interrupting the Zoom users.

Q: I had scheduled my install for night-time, and my system goes into sleep mode during that installation. Would that affect my update?

A: If the system goes to sleep in between download and installation, the installation will be done when the system wakes.

Q: I had scheduled my installation but I restarted my system during the installation. Would that affect my update?

A: Restarting of the client machine or EZ Updater service will reset all the scheduled timers for download and installation. e.g. If download check is scheduled weekly on 1st Oct, usually it would check for an update on 8th Oct. But, in case the machine or EZ Updater service is restarted on 6th October, the download check will happen on 13th October.

Q: After every update, I am losing more free space in my system. Is this normal?

A: By default, we are not deleting backed-up databases. You can delete older backups to free up space, but at least keep the build for the currently installed version.

EZ Updater

Q: I am the administrator for Zoom. Is there any precaution I should take regarding my Zoom database with respect to Zoom upgrades?

A: It is advisable to keep the Zoom database root folder outside of the Zoom installation folder. If present within, the database will have to be backed up and restored during every upgrade, and that could cause delays in making the systems available to Zoom users.

Q: Would I be notified about a pending update?

A: Yes. An email will be sent to admins in case an update is available or pending. 

Q: I have installed EZ and started the service. I am still not able to access the EZ Web portal.

A: Verify if the machine (the system you are using to connect to the EZ Web portal) is able to ping the EZ Updater machine. Also, make sure the port (5551) is not blocked on your EZ Updater machine. Just to confirm, you can disable the firewall temporarily to see if you are able to access the web portal then. Also, if the tag <ip> in ez-updater.xml on the EZ Updater machine (Linux: /home/linux/EvolphinZoomUpdaterData/conf/ ; Windows: [WindowsInstallDir]\Windows\System32\config\systemprofile\AppData\Roaming\EvolphinZoomUpdaterData\conf\) is pointing to localhost or then change it to

Q: First-time access to the EZ Web portal takes time. Is it normal?

A: Yes, the first time can take up to a couple of minutes. It depends on the system and network speed.

Q: I have configured my EZ Updater, but still it is not showing any available build. What can I do?

A: If you have just set up EZ Updater and configured a certain frequency interval, the EZ Updater will wait for the specified interval before checking for updates. The available downloads are all downloaded one by one and when all of them finish downloading, only then these builds are shown on the portal. Depending on the number of builds available, your internet speed and the size of the Zoom installation packages, this could take a while.