EZ Client

The EZ Client requires minimal intervention from the user. Once the user clicks the link to install EZ Client, the download, installation, and upgrade of Zoom Client on that machine are all managed automatically by the EZ Client using the Evolphin Zoom Updater app.

Using the EZ Client, the user can check for Zoom updates on-demand, in addition to the scheduled update settings.

Auto check for update

Evolphin Zoom Updater app checks for updates automatically at set intervals. This interval is configured by the EZ Admin. During any such check, if the EZ Client finds a new Zoom Client update, then it silently downloads that update. After downloading the update, the app asks the user for permission to install it.

If the user chooses Install Now, then the new Zoom Client is installed on the client machine.

If the user chooses to not install the update and closes the permission prompt, then the EZ Client asks for permission again at the set time interval.

Manual check for update

A user may also check for any available update to Zoom Client on demand. See the sections for Mac and Windows:

On a Mac machine

The user needs to have EZ Admin access to check for an on-demand update on a Mac EZ Client.

  • Go to Applications > Evolphin > Updater directory.
  • Double-click Evolphin Zoom Updater.app to trigger a check for updates.
  • Enter the EZ Admin username and password in the authentication screen.
  • After authentication, the app checks for updates and seeks permission to install if an update is found.

On a Windows machine

  • Open Windows Task Manager.
  • Select More details and go to the Services tab.
  • Locate the Evolphin Zoom Updater service.
  • Right-click Evolphin Zoom Updater service and choose Start.
  • Check for updates is triggered and runs in the background.
  • EZ Client seeks permission to install if an update to the Zoom Client is found.