Upgrading Hot Folder Configuration File

In Zoom 5.2, the configuration file for the Hot Folder has been modified. Very few modifications have been made to the xml tags and so it is very easy to upgrade the old xml file to the new one. The Hot Folder xml file named as hotFolderDB.xml contains all the hot folders and their respective settings which are created on the local machine. The file is located at the following locations:

OS Path
Mac /Users/username/.zm/settings/hot_folder
Linux /home/username/.zm/settings/hot_folder
Windows C:\Users\username\.zm\settings\hot_folder


Perform the following steps for a successful update of the hot folder xml file.

  1. Turn off Zoom Clientproxy.
  2. Open hotFolderDB.xml file to edit in any xml editor or text editor and perform the following:
    1. Search for the tag name <wcname>. Rename both the start tag name and the end tag name with <project>  </project>.
      <project>sample</project> instead of <wcName>sample</wcName>
    2. Add a new tag named <advanceSettings> after the following tags <importTo>, <folderPath>, <syncEvery>, <timeUnit>. Close the new tag before <hotFolderSettings>.
    3. If there were any email id’s provided in the old hotFolderDB.xml, then remove those email id’s from there and put inside <emailTo> tag in <advanceSettings> tag.
    4. Save the xml file and you are all set.
    5. Now you can restart clientproxy.

Sample hotFolderDB.xml file after change.

 Hot Folder DB xml

When upgrading to Zoom 5.5 or greater, if hot folder upgrade does not show hot folders in the settings and does not run previously configured hot folders, see this FAQ for help.

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