Cinema 4D plugin setup for Batch Render

Evolphin Zoom plugin ships with an import service for the Maxon Cinema 4D batch rendered files. This can be done by the Render and Import button in the Evolphin Zoom plugin panel.


Batch render Settings

  • Make sure that the default server is set in Z-settings-> Server/WC Settings.
  • Before launching Render and Import, ensure the CINEMA 4D (C4D) Batch Render settings are specified in the Zoom Settings panel (launched from the desktop via the Z icon context menu):
Poll IntervalThis specifies how frequently the Zoom plugin will poll the CINEMA4D batch render queue
Import SourceThis is the folder where C4D renders the image sequences. This should match the output path in the Cinema 4D render queue
Import DestinationImport destination points to the project root folder or sub-folder under which rendered files will be saved automatically.
Zoom ServerThis is automatically selected when you browse the import destination on the Zoom repository
  • If mandatory metadata is enabled in the server, ensure that a default Metadata Preset saved. Click here to know how to save default Metadata Preset.
  • If you make any change in any of the above settings, close the plugin panel and reload it for the changes to refresh. For reloading the plugin panel, click on Plugins -> Reload Python Plugins in Cinema 4D and then re-open the plugin panel from the the Plugins menu.
  • Set up the C4D batch render queue by adding items to the render queue along with output image prefix. Output image prefix should match the c4d file name.
  • Click Render and Import button in the plugin panel to start the rendering. Do not use the “Start Rendering” option in the Render Queue directly.
  • Once rendering is finished, Zoom will trigger an import, and you will see the import dialog pop up and execute automatically. Once import is finished, notifications will pop up in the system tray or Mac menu bar.
  • Note:

    • During import, if an output file does not exists, it will cause the entire batch of import to be aborted, as the C4D plug-in ensures the entire batch of rendered items are imported all at once.
    • Zoom will create a sub-folder based on the C4D file name. The image sequences being rendered will show up under a sub-folder within the C4D folder.Batch render VAB

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