New Project Creation in Adobe Plugin (Zoom 6.0 or below)

From Zoom High-Res Video Management Release onwards, Zoom has added a new option New Project in Zoom Adobe plugin window.

New Project

This feature will allow user to check-in the default template project structure into the Zoom repository. 

New Project Option in Plugin

Zoom 6.0 onwards, on clicking the New Project button in Zoom Adobe Plugin window, users will have the option to select the template from a list of pre-defined templates. Users can also specify the name for the new project to be created. The zip file for the selected template will be taken from the user’s specified location and the contents of zip file will be checked-in.

After check-in of the folder structure, the main project file in the adobe app will be opened so that the user can start working on that.

Right now this feature is supported only in Adobe Premiere Pro.


The configurations are on the client machine, and are controlled through residing under client’s $Home/.zm directory

PropertySample Value


This property specifies the path to the zip file containing the template project structure.


More than one project template can be specified by using the ‘->’ separator.

Here, only zip format is acceptable. Other formats such as rar, bzip etc are not supported.


This property indicates the path of main project file inside the zip folder structure. After check-in the folder structure in Zoom repo, this property will be used to open the main project file in adobe app.


More than one project can be specified by using the ‘->’ separator.

Please specify the project file path with respect to the folder structure, not the absolute path on the file system.
The project templates and project names should be in order i.e. the first project name in PROJECT_FILE_IN_ZIP is for the first project template in ZIP_FILE_PATH, second one for the second template and so on.


New Project creation after changing Premiere Pro version

When the Premiere Pro version is changed(e.g. from CC2016 to CC2017), Premiere Pro may prompt to convert the project file, if you have created the project template in some other version of Premiere Pro:


To avoid this, the project template should be created in the same Premiere Pro version for which the template will be used. 

A project template for Premiere Pro CC2017 is attached below for reference:


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