Hub 2.2 Release 1124 Release Notes

Hub 2.2-Release 1124

Release Date: 30th March 2020

Hub release provides Hub Server and Hierarchical Archive components for Evolphin Zoom. It supports Zoom release 7.5 and above.


  • For Veritone AI provider with Hub, Veritone Entity ID is also shown with AI type Celeb.
  • Hub now supports reading a stream of data rather than as a fixed size, so that larger arguments can be read from the AI engine.
  • For a Hub Server running on Windows, a startup batch file can be added to the cronConfig.json that will be run every time the Hub Server starts.

Major Fixes

  • Older assets that had a string for Native File Size are also getting successfully archived now.
  • AI jobs are retried now by fetching a new authorization cookie when the existing authorization cookie is stale.
  • Hub Dashboard is accessible now even when Hub Server is not connected to the internet.

System Requirements

Operating SystemsLinux RHEL 6.7, Linux RHEL 7.0, Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Standard
SQLMySQL 8.0.12