Hub 2.2 Release 1104 Release Notes

Hub 2.2-Release 1104

Release Date: 21st January 2020

Hub release provides Hub Server and Hierarchical Archive components for Evolphin Zoom. It supports Zoom release 7.5 and above.

New Features and Enhancements

  • Evolphin Job Hub now supports the processing of AI jobs also. This includes the processing of video and audio data from Veritone and Amazon.

Major Fixes

  • Image sequence files are now archived successfully for a Linux based Hub Server.
  • Image sequence files are now getting restored successfully from S3.

Major Pending Issues

  • Archiving does not complete for image sequence files that have one or more middle frames missing.
  • For a Windows Hub Server, sometimes a few image sequences are not cleared out after the cleanup of the archived image sequence files from the Shared Mount Path. Running restore immediately after also fails for such image sequence files. Such archive and restore operations complete successfully if these are given more time to complete, as this is a known OS issue.

Minor Pending Issues

  • The notifications sent by the Asset Browser always state all Archive/Restore operations as Archive only.

System Requirements

Operating SystemsLinux RHEL 6.7, Linux RHEL 7.0, Windows Server 2012 Standard
SQLMySQL 8.0.12