Upgrading Zoom for macOS

This section describes the procedure to upgrade the Zoom client for Release 8.0 or later, if you are using macOS.

Before you begin

See Upgrading Zoom Client for information about upgrading the Zoom client for prior releases.


  • You must uninstall the Zoom client from your system and then install the latest version of the Zoom client.
  • Ensure that all Adobe CC apps are closed before you perform the upgrade.

    Note: Perform this procedure if you are not using the “EZ Updater” for Zoom.


  1. Press the command key logo for command key in Mac. + space bar logo for the space key on the keyboard to run spotlight.
  2. Search for and run the Uninstall Zoom app.
  3. Alternatively, you can manually navigate to the Zoom folder /Applications/Evolphin/zoom, locate the Uninstall Zoom app, and run it.
  4. Click OK to begin uninstallation. If you are prompted to authenticate this action, enter your system Username and Password and click OK to continue.
  5. The “Evolphin Zoom” dialog appears to confirm that the uninstallation is complete. Click OK.
    Note: This dialog may be hidden. Click the Z icon in the dock to find the “Evolphin Zoom” dialog and click OK.


  1. Download the latest build of the Zoom Client. If you do not have the latest version of Zoom, contact support for detailed information about all versions of Zoom that are available for download.
  2. Run the downloaded Zoom client package file to begin installation.
    Note: If your system displays the following warning about running files from unidentified developers, perform the next steps. If not, skip to step 5.

    Screenshot of the macOS unidentified developer warning

  3. Navigate to the location of the downloaded Zoom client package file in Finder.
  4. Right-click the package and select Open With >> Installer.app (default). This will allow you to continue the installation.

    Screenshot describing the process workaround the unidentified developer issue during installation.

  5. Click Continue in the “This package will run a program to determine if the software can be installed.” dialog. The “Install Evolphin Zoom Client” installer opens.
  6. In the “Introduction” page, click Continue.
  7. In the “Read Me” page, click Continue.
  8. In the “Licence” page, click Continue and then click Agree.
  9. In the “Installation Type” page, click Install. If you are prompted to authenticate this action, enter your system Username and Password and click Install Software to continue.
  10. The “Installation” page displays the progress of the installation. When the installation is complete the “Zoom Server Login” dialog appears. You can close this dialog.
  11. The “Summary” page displays the success message after the Zoom client is successfully installed. Click Close.

Post-install steps

After installation, you can verify if the current version of the Zoom client is the same as the server. To do so:

  1. Click the Evolphin icon to open the menu. 
  2. Click About Zoom.
  3. The “Evolphin Zoom Client” dialog displays the version number of the Zoom client that is currently installed.