Forgot Password

Zoom allows you to reset your password from both the Asset Browser login dialog interface as well as from the Webmin interface.

Steps for password recovery

Stage 1:
  • Launch the Asset Browser from your desktop or from the browser.
  • Enter your username in the login window and click the “Forgot Password” button.


  • Launch the web-based admin console (usually at http://zm-server:8443)
  • Click on the “Forgot Password” button menu at the top-right corner.
Stage 2:

You must have received an email containing a one-time password with details about how long that token will be valid. Be sure to log in to the Webmin using the one-time password, and reset your password from within.


  1. This functionality will only work if you have a valid email ID configured in your user account.
  2. If the password recovery requests were not made by you, but by someone else with some malicious intent, you can continue to log in with your original password without needing to reset. Also, from the email received you will be able to fetch the IP address from where such requests originated, in case you wanted to investigate who is behind the fake requests.


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