Before upgrading to 7.5.x

You need a server machine for installing the new Curator (7.5.x) that will generate the updated Curator index on your existing Zoom 7.3 setup. Once the indexing is finished, you should back up the new indexes and other files as per the regular upgrade instructions. You may uninstall the new Curator in the end. Follow these steps:

New 7.5 Curator

  1. Copy the 7.5 upgrade files (as shared by Support) on a server machine. For Linux Server, you can also use the existing Curator machine.
  2. Install Zoom 7.5 on this machine to set up a new 7.5 Curator.
  3. Copy curator-server.xml from your existing Curator to the new 7.5 Curator.
  4. Open this curator-server.xml for editing on the new 7.5 Curator.
  5. Update the <name> tag to differentiate it from the existing Curator.
  6. Update <solrDataDir> to point to a new folder where a new DB will be created by this new 7.5 Curator.
  7. Locate the <connectionConfig> tag and update the value of <host> to point to the hostname or IP of the new 7.5 Curator.
  8. If you are running the new Curator on the existing Curator machine (for Linux) then also update <port> (or <sslPort> for SSL). If using SSL, you also need to configure SSL for this new 7.5 Curator.
  9. Scroll down in the curator-server.xml and locate the <auditIndex> tag inside the <index> tag.
  10. Set <enabled> inside <auditIndex> to false. This is done as we do not want this new Curator to create an Audit Index.
  11. Log into the Web Management Console as an administrator. Open Server Control Panel under System node.
  12. Click Curator Server Settings to open the Curator Configuration window.
  13. Click Add to add a new Curator. Specify the Name, Host, and Port for the new Curator (check Use SSL if using SSL) and click Save.
  14. The new Curator is now registered with the Zoom Server.
  15. Start your new 7.5 Curator Server (for Windows or for Linux).
    If you are running the new 7.5 Curator on the existing 7.3 Curator, then start the new 7.5 Curator from /bin/curatorserver.bat at the location where the 7.5 Zoom was installed.
  16. Open Curator Dashboard inside Curator node under the System node in the Web Management Console.
  17. Select the new 7.5 Curator and check the status of the indexes.
  18. When all indexes are complete for this new 7.5 Curator, we are ready to upgrade Zoom to 7.5.
  19. After indexing is finished for the new 7.5 Curator, stop all Zoom services, including that of the new 7.5 Curator.
  20. Back up Curator DB for the new 7.5 Curator (location of the Curator DB is the new <solrDataDir> that was set in curator-server.xml).
  21. Back up the Zoom DB on your Zoom Server.
  22. Back up Audit logs on your Zoom Server from the folder audit_curator inside the logs directory
    The location of logs directory on the Zoom Server is saved in the <logsEndPoint> tag inside your old Curator’s curator-server.xml.
  23. Uninstall the new 7.5 Curator.