Applying 7.3.0-Release 154 Patch

If you have installed Zoom version 7.3.0-RELEASE.154-3ef95d41d then you would need this patch. Follow these steps to apply the patch:

On Zoom Server:

  1. Download the patch jars on Zoom Server (as shared by Support).
  2. Stop all Zoom services. If Client Proxy is running on the machine then stop Client Proxy as well.
  3. Backup these files to a separate backup directory:
    1. All jar files and product-info.xml in %ZOOM_INSTALL_DIR%\lib\zoom\
    2. These js files in %ZOOM_INSTALL_DIR%/web/app/webmin/js/
      1. curatorManager.js
      2. curator-configuration.js
      3. curator-based-configuration.js
    3. These mail templates (only for Windows) in %ZOOM_INSTALL_DIR%/conf/mail-templates
      3. MAIL_ON_COLL_EXPIRED.html
  4. Copy the respective files from the patch to the above location in step 3.
  5. Start Zoom services. Start Client Proxy (if it was running earlier as in step 2).

On Zoom Client:

  1. Download the patch ZXP file on the Zoom Client machine.
  2. Stop Client Proxy.
  3. Backup ZmAdobeExtensions.zxp file at the following locations for Mac and Windows:
    • Mac – /Applications/Evolphin/zoom/Resources/plug-ins/
    • Windows – %ZOOM_INSTALL_DIR%\plug-ins\
  4. Copy the new ZmAdobeExtensions.zxp file from the patch to the above location in step 3.
  5. Run this script for Mac and Windows machines:
    • Mac – run script from
      /Applications/Evolphin/zoom/Resources/plug-ins/pluginInstaller/ directory.
    • Windows – run AdobePluginUpgrader.bat script from %ZOOM_INSTALL_DIR%\plug-ins\pluginInstaller\ directory with Administrator privilege
  6. Start Client Proxy.
  7. Repeat for each Zoom Client.