Zoom GUI Launcher Web API

Launch GUI

Zoom client installation includes a client proxy service that is automatically installed on the desktop. The proxy listens on HTTP port 7770 for commands. Application plugins can invoke JSP based services on this port to access the local working copy assets as well as invoke commands to launch Zoom UI via the HTTP  proxy.

Request URL:

Request Query Parameters:

server:  Zoom Server host:port or server alias

branch: null // Placeholder for future

remotepath: Fully qualified path in Zoom repository

rrn: Default -1 (latest) or a long corresponding to revision number

cmdname:  Command for which to launch the UI on the desktop

block: true or false. //Block the JSP call till the launched UI exists

extraargs: Command specific arguments to pass via the UI launcher

The cmdname parameter can be one of the following:

autocoSilently checkout the file and open it in the registered application such as Adobe Illustrator
checkoutLaunch normal checkout dialog
showlogLaunch Visual version history log
statusLaunch the Status popuop to show local & remote status
updateLaunch Update from server dialog
csetLaunch popup to view the change sets
commitLaunch the check-in dialog to commit the files in a local working copy
importLaunch the import dialog
open_locationLaunch OS file browser with the folder containing the asset opened
workflowLaunch the Workflow Task manager
asset_browserLaunch the Asset Browser
revertLaunch the Revert command to revert the changes to last checked out state
settingLaunch the Settings dialog
repobrowserLaunch the Zoom file browser
lockLaunch the lock/unlock dialog
revealLaunch the OS file browser with the asset revealed on the local working copy folder
openLaunch the application and open the asset as a read-only copy if it’s not checked out


Returns a string, “true” | “false”, to indicate if the GUI was launched successfully or not.

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