Setting default umask/File Permissions for Zoom/Preview/Solr Servers

It is possible to set default umask for the files and directories created by Zoom products like Zoom server, Preview Server, Solr Server and HADR File Transfer Server

Setting the default umask for Preview Server

Preview server generates the previews of ingested assets on Zoom server. All the generated previews are stored in preview server cache. By default, preview server cache is present at location: “[Zoom Install Dir]/webcontext/servers/PreviewServer/cache" else this location can be changed by setting the cache location path in preview-server.xml. For more details about cache location please see visit article: Configuring Preview Server.

Follow the steps given below to change the default umask for the files and folders generated by preview server:

  1. Go to preview server installation directory.
  2. Go to conf directory.
  3. Edit file: preview-server.conf
  4. Go to the end of the file.
  5. Enter properties:

    2. wrapper.umask=0007.

      Note: it is required to add both and wrapper.umask.
  6. Set the desired umask value for both of the properties.
    Note: umask values are in octal format and umask is defined as a 4-digit number (0ddd) starting with a “0” (zero). Each value of d must be a number from 0 to 7. Like 0(d=r+w+x)(d=r+w+x)(d=r+w+x).
    WARNING! Setting wrong or invalid umask value may cause improper behavior of preview server. Preview server may not start or may stop generating the previews or may not be able to read the generated previews.
    Please always provide an umask where preview server can both read write and execute.
  7. Save the preview-server.conf file.
  8. Verify that changes are written properly.
  9. Verify that properties: and wrapper.umask are not mentioned twice.
  10. Restart preview server to take the changes.

Once umask is set, generated new files or directories will have POSIX file permission according to umask. 



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