Configuring hot folders from Zoom Web Management Console

From Zoom 6.0 and above, Zoom supports configuring hot folders on remote machines directly from the Zoom Web Management Console. This is useful, for example, when we have to set up Hot Folders to run on headless terminals.

Only superadmin users can perform remote Hot Folder configurations. Zoom Client Proxy service must be running on the server where the hot folders need to execute.


To setup hot folder from Zoom Web Management Console

  1. Make sure Zoom Client Proxy process is running on the {zoom-client-proxy-host} machine. Please review articles on how to configure client proxy first:
    • Windows Server: Zoom Client Proxy process should be installed and running by default. This can be verified by locating the “Z” icon on the system status bar.
    • Linux Server: By default, the Zoom Client Proxy service is not installed. Please see instructions to set up systems services including zmclientproxy here and how to stop/start the service here.
  2. On the sidebar Admin Menu, click Hot Folder settings node.
  3. Enter the clientproxy’s URL where the hot folder needs to be set up.
    Example: http://{zoom-client-proxy-host}:7770
  4. On pressing enter, if there are any credentials and hot folders already present for the server at the client, it will be populated below.
  5. When there are no credentials, enter the credentials and click on Validate.
  6. Once validated, you can Add, Update, Delete hot folders.
    The screenshot below shows “http://localhost:7770”, depending on where your Zoom Client Proxy host is located, the URL will vary.


Add new Hot folder

  1. In the sidebar Admin Menu, click Hot Folder settings node.
  2. After validating credentials, Click on Add.
  3. A hot folder settings dialog will popup.
  4. Enter the settings and click Save.



The hot folder settings are saved in the $HOME/.zm/settings/hot_folder/ folder on the machine where the Zoom Client Proxy is running. If the .zm/ folder on that server is deleted to clean up the server settings, the hot folder settings will disappear.


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