How to stop Zoom Client from showing multiple login prompts?

The Problem: 

Sometimes, the Zoom Client throws multiple login prompts successively, even as each of the login prompts are canceled. This happens when the user has chosen to monitor working copies linked to a Zoom Server on which she is currently not logged in.

When a working copy is under monitoring, the Zoom Client periodically checks if there are any new changes on the server that ought to be brought forth to the local working copy. In order to do this, the user must be logged in to the Zoom server – this is why we see the login windows showing up. When the user attempts to cancel the login action, the monitoring action is suspended for one working copy. However if the user has multiple working copies under monitoring, then for each of them, an attempt is made to connect with the server to check for updates, and therefore a login prompt is shown again. 

The Resolution: 

The easiest way to fix this is to login once to the Zoom server associated with the working copies. Even if there are multiple working copies from the same server, users will need to only login once. (If there are working copies from multiple Zoom servers, then there has to be one successful login per server). 

The other work around is to stop monitoring the working copy (for changes). This would instruct Zoom to stop checking for differences between working copies and repository data. The Zoom Client will also not show any alerts to update the working copies. Users will have to manually check for incoming changes from the Z-menu. 

To use this fix, open Settings from the Z menu. Go to Existing working copies.

Uncheck Under Monitoring for each working copy and click Ok.