Modifying dynamic collections' filter range

Dynamic collections in Zoom show assets based on filtering criteria. By default, the filter is applied to all revisions of all available assets for a user and the latest revision of the filtered assets are displayed.

This behavior can be modified from the Collections fix patch on Zoom 7.2.2 onwards. From now on, other than this default behavior, the filters for dynamic collections can be set to work only the latest revision of all available assets for a user and then display latest revisions of the filtered assets.

The behavior is toggled by a property in server.xml on the Zoom Server. Follow these steps to modify it:

  1. On your Zoom Server, stop all Zoom services.
  2. Open server.xml for editing (Location: %ZoomInstallDir%/conf/server.xml).
  3. Look for the tag <searchInLatestRevision> under <collectionSpec>. If this tag is found then update its value, or else add it as follows:






    By default, the filter for a dynamic collection matches metadata from all revisions of assets and then shows the latest revisions of the assets that match the search criteria. To keep this default behavior, set the above tag as false. To modify the default behavior so a collection only searches for metadata within the latest revision of the assets, set the above tag as true.
  4. Save and close server.xml.
  5. Start Zoom services.