Release Notes for Evolphin Zoom 8.2.1

Launch Date: September 7th, 2021

Latest Release Date: March 1st, 2022

8.2.1-RELEASE.43 includes updates for the Linux and Windows servers, Mac and Windows clients, and carries all the enhancements and fixes from previous releases.

Revision History

This section lists the revisions in the series.

Release numberDateDescription
8.2.1-RELEASE.43March 1st, 2022This is the third release in the 8.2 series
8.2.0-RELEASE.406October 1st, 2021This is the second release in the 8.2 series
8.2.0-RELEASE.347September 7th, 2021This is the first release in the 8.2 series

New Features and Enhancements

  • The restore button will now reach assets in AWS Deep Archive, removing the need to create a job for this task
  • The tool “Archive Details” has been added in the Zoom Desktop for users to see archive status
  • The configuration files for the Preview and Zoom services have been revised to allow greater independence between them
  • Administrators can now add and configure transcoders from the Web Management Console
  • The transcoder URL can now be launched from the Web Management Console
  • The option to cancel transcoding jobs that are running has been added to the dashboard
  • Users can now check folder details in Zoom Desktop
  • The option to manually archive files has been added to the Zoom Desktop
  • Purge has been enhanced to reach archived assets and will now implicitly include smart copy and smart link assets
  • The archive workflow has been optimized to require less space during the checkpoint process under certain circumstances
  • The login cookie for Zoom sessions will persist after a Zoom service restart and only expire after the configured interval
  • Users can create Dynamic Collections in Zoom Desktop
  • Administrators are now able to receive transcoder failure notifications
  • The option to (permanently) skip transcoding for an asset has been added
  • Mount points and media stores can now be added or removed via the Zoom Desktop settings
  • The search features in the Creative Cloud plug-ins have been enhanced
  • Auto-checkout can be configured from Zoom Desktop
  • Users are now able to compare assets in Zoom Desktop
  • The transcode process has been enhanced to reroute idle jobs when their transcoder is offline
  • Media store management has been enhanced to utilize less system resources
  • AI face recognition has been added
  • Third party libraries, Java and Harman AIR have been updated to comply with security requirements

Fixed Issues

This section describes the issues that were fixed in this release of Zoom.

Zoom 8.2.1-Release.43
Ticket IDDescription
ZS-10205Issues with cache cleaning UI in the Web Management Console
ZS-12023Discrepancies in search results due to certain asset statuses, like archive or purge
WC-2510Preview generation enhancements
WC-2521Adjusting the email notifications for collection users
ZS-12132Audio properties information not relayed correctly via API
ZS-12187Service interruption, NPE when a folder is checked out
ZS-10027Purging archived assets
ZS-10821Data customization options for Search and Execute
ZS-11946Unable to export to XML and CSV when audit log mining
VABNG-3612Unable to issue multiple auto-checkouts at once
VAB8-193Thumbnail enhancements in Zoom Desktop
EJH-536Issue restoring proxies ingested by SYSTEM
PNG-2344Exempting export assets from lock rules
ZS-12161Ingest fails to fill in missing folders in path via API
ZS-12183NPE results in a transcoder restart
PNG-1635Drag and drop from VAB to Adobe apps is not working for AIR version
VAB8-194Add option to unlock folder in Zoom Desktop
EJH-469Copied to Archive value found in archive metadata when while operation still in progress
VAB8-201Hide links and layers panel for assets that do not have them
VAB8-203Add shortcut to select all assets in Zoom Desktop
VAB8-195Allow the ESC key to dismiss pop-ups
VAB8-233No warning displayed when saving a new collection with a reserved name
ZS-12126Mitigation of Log4j vulnerability CVE-2021-44228
VAB8-268Sorting order not correct for columns in Collections View
VAB8-269Restrict ESC key usage in Asset View
VAB8-272New messaging for failure to download using converter
PNG-415Collection list auto-refresh enhancements
ZS-11587Archive module email template for failure revised
VABNG-3397Failure to create smart-links across projects under certain conditions
EJH-342Failure to restore proxy asset if it’s a source
PNG-2031Enhancements to search features in Collections
PNG-2121Failure to display assets in collections
PNG-2123Collection name truncates asset name in the Exported files tab if it belongs to multiple collections
ZS-11953IP whitelisting issues due to recent DNS changes
EJH-458Incorrect status shown for purged assets
VAB8-186UI issue for AI metadata
WC-2485Add text layer carrying to adjacent assets
PNG-2325No matching key frame error appearing for valid AI timelines
VAB8-209Add Dynamic Collections to Zoom Desktop
ZS-12046Move instead of Copy when handling archived assets post checkpointing
ZS-12049Changing preview resolution in Zoom Desktop fails while file in playing
ZS-12069Restoring smart copies fails to restore the source
ZS-12070Hub fails to update RRNs under certain circumstances
ZS-12071Authentication cookie should only expire on designated interval
ZS-12072Add purge to reach undeleted archived files
VAB8-232Unwanted metadata value changes during batch move of assets and folders across projects
PNG-2335Locate asset pop-up in the plug-in Links panel for existing, valid links
VAB8-243Add keyboard shortcut to select all assets in a search
DSTB-503Harman AIR version update
ZS-12149Discrepancy in service logging file
ZS-12154Transcode server config UI in Webmin
ZS-12177Status discrepancy between user interface and actual job status
ZC-1622Source path location discrepancy in migrated assets
PNG-1898Multipage document preview issues in InDesign
PNG-2017Contrain Proportions fails to adjust measurements in the Export tab (Photoshop)
PNG-2023Cancel button disappears after switching tabs in the Adobe Premiere plug-in
PNG-2071Add duplicate timeline feature
ZS-11922Send unable to transcode messages
PNG-2292High-res icon not visible under certain circumstances
EJH-556Simplify the email notifications when archiving email sequences
EJH-568Invalid S3 credentials do not prompt an exit from the current task for archive jobs
VAB8-76Add archive to the Zoom Desktop
EJH-475Update time not showing in the panel
VAB8-32Forgot Password in Zoom Desktop is not working
VABNG-3605Search fails when the in and out dates are the same
EJH-471Hub connection issues
Zoom 8.2.0-RELEASE.406
ZS-12032SSL-related memory leak
VAB8-189Add configuration to auto-lock the files on checkout from Zoom Desktop
VAB8-188No feedback given when a collection is created
EJH-464Client hub settings are not having an effect on the app’s behavior
ZS-12031Collections are slow to load
VABNG-3612Issues with simultaneous auto-checkout operations
VAB8-93Folder structure should be displayed in alphabetical order while browsing by file path in Advanced Search
ZC-1596Metadata values list should be displayed in the alphabetical order while assigning metadata in WebClient, Asset Browser or Zoom Desktop
EJH-441Wording changes to the check-in success message
VAB8-187Metadata timeline info leaking into a different asset in the preview media player
VAB8-186AI metadata info leaking into a different asset in the preview media player
ZS-12033Allow empty SMTP user and password when security is set to NONE
EJH-469Incorrect transfer status assigned to asset when the hub is restarted mid-transfer
VAB8-205Incorrect value displayed for “Revision Size” metadata
ZS-12038Enhance preview generation for assets that benefit from scrubbing
New releases carry over fixes from previous versions
Zoom 8.2.0-Release.347
Ticket IdDescription
ZS-11923Zoom database structure enhancements
ZS-11299Resurrect command fails when no DRM start date is present
ZS-11906Web Management Console: Highlighted users discrepancy when using refresh command
ZS-11881Unable to delete a user if email is assigned to multiple accounts
ZS-11710Error pulling users from LDAP on first attempt after deleting them
PNG-2024Markers may be added twice to a Premiere sequence when a user links to the XML sequence
PNG-2223Visual enhancements to the plug-in Export tool
PNG-2248Allow embedding SVG assets to an Illustrator project
PNG-2247Open project parent folder in the file chooser dialog while resolving offline links
WC-1353Collection users are able to download the asset when the download permission is not permitted to the user
WC-2451Downloading PDF with comments is not working when name contains special characters
WC-2459Compare view not showing older revision comments
ZS-11863Start and End dates are different for the completed jobs on the main job dashboard page and job details page
ZS-11421Size should be displayed in decimal values in the Job dashboard
FTS-92Enhancements to Curator indexing
ZS-11901The Search and Execute generated csv file is always showing first 1000 assets only although the count is greater
PNG-2249High-res assets are ingested again with a new asset ID if the user syncs after switching to Low Res and the low-res is also on the TPM
ZS-11882Enhancements to login error displayed when invalid credentials are detected
ZS-11967Formatting enhancements to Digital Rights Management emails
ZS-11948No values displayed for the current day in General Reports (Web Management Console)
PNG-2246Revised message when links are updated upon clicking Sync
ZS-11959Formatting enhancements to HTML email contents
EJH-438Queuing enhancements to the Zoom Job Hub
WC-2394Issues downloading S3 high-res
WC-2452File not found message when clicking on the activity panel depending on indexing status
New releases carry over fixes from previous versions

Known Issues

This section describes the known issues and any major pending issues associated with this release of Zoom.

Zoom 8.2.1-Release.43
Ticket IDDescription
ZS-11944S&E | PEROFRMANCE | S&E is not generating reports till it completes the execution. This will cause issues when we run for Large number of files
EJH-426Archive/Restore is failing for PSAN on network/UNC path
PNG-2242Plugin Extensions missing after updating to InCopy 16.2.1 on-wards on mac mini 28(having Apple M1 chip)
VAB8-158Zoom Desktop: Sorting on status column is not working
VAB8-166The Zoom Desktop header is not visible while scrolling the collections from the Collection tab
ZS-12041Thumbnails should not crop the content of the assets
ZS-12073Photoshop Files embed metadata is not displaying in the Zoom Metadata
VABNG-3617The resource “Asset ID: XYZ” on branch “head” does not exist at repository revision “0” error message is displayed while applying the metadata from the cart if user had added the assets to the cart from the Link panel
ZC-1607Copyright metadata is displaying as unknown when file embed Copyright metadata value is different from mentioned in the metadata default values
EJH-535Face Recognition | Smart-link assets are always stuck in submitted state and does not display in the AI dashboard
ZS-12106Metadata | Incorrect date is showing in MD panel if the assinged date is not in correct format via blanket metadata file
ZS-12107Metadata Editor | Format Name should not contain any special character error message is displaying while saving the file formats which are having numeric values like CR2, R3D etc
EJH-558Zoom Client Hub jobs visual enhancements
WC-2532Adjustable Navigation Tree
PNG-2355Multi page PDF placement
ZC-1618Navigation tabs / Bread crumb when searching
ZC-1619Smart copy destination (Option to choose copy destination)
EJH-542AI Hub was doing unnecessary calls to get the hub user cookie
ZC-1609Expand the Search in Folder feature to include metadata
ZS-12052ZD | When we are trying to navigate from home tab to any folder from recent activity section after doing a search is not working as expected in ZD
WC-2494Face Recognition | Autocomplete does not work while entering the Face AI data in the Advance Search
VAB8-213Face Recognition | Faces boundary and name is not displaying while Next and Previous buttons in the asset details view
ZS-12083Metadata | Issues in Metadata behavior in webclient
WC-2501Null is displayed in the comments when the user makes smart links from the Web client
VAB8-227Search: No result appears on Searching assets name with special character
VABNG-3618Assigning irrelevant metadata values while multiple assets are moved from one project to another in specific scenario.
VABNG-3621Search: Global search is taking invalid date and displaying the result
WC-2508Web client | Setting feature is not working in case of external user In web client
WC-2518Error Observed While Uploading zip folder having multiple different assets
VAB8-288While Adding Comments and reply it’s time for an asset not shown up accurately
VAB8-289collection thumbnail doesn’t display for project files like Adobe After Effect on the desktop app
VAB8-291ZD+WC | IPTC_Keywords filter having Multiple values is not giving any Results on Asset tab
VAB8-308Regression| zoom desktop + web client –> Sorting based on modification time–> recent first is not working fine in collection tab
VAB8-312Zoom Desktop -Unable to del email Id while assigning new owner
ZS-12205Asset count & size is not correct in the check-in success message when user ingested the hires assets if few same named assets are already ingested at same Path
ZC-1603Metadata values should be sorted in alphabet ascending order irrespective of capital or small letters
EJH-478Face Recognition | Error messages are not showing in AI dashboard if a job is completed with some errors while training is being done
ZS-12174AI | Hub dashboard cannot be accessed although hub is running with APPARENT DEADLOCK error exception in logs
EJH-493For a specific asset file, Hub Dashboard shows File Not Found and opening details shows “Request sent to server failed” error message
EJH-498Face Recognition | Sometimes, Person name is not displaying for few assets although Face Training for that person is completed successfully
ZS-12080Webmin | Manage Auto Task Template list and template values are changing with every Refresh on the Manage Auto Task Template page
VAB8-215Negative time value displayed under notification
EJH-526AI jobs- For retry status its key is displayed instead of value
VABNG-3616Advance search: Check-in date is taking previous date when vab is opened since last day
EJH-528Face Recognition| Removing or changing status is not doing anything on asset once submitted
ZS-12108Metadata Editor | No error message or nothing is happening while adding the same file formats under XMP supported format
PNG-2333Getting some error as ‘Input String 03/20/2020’ on AssetDetails page if the assigned date is not in correct format in blanket metadata file
WC-2506‘Folder Details’ option shows inconsistent behavior In web client and zoom desktop when created a new folder
VAB8-237Advance Search: “Save As Search” popup opens on clicking enter button for searching filename
PNG-2334Custom Export | On Ingesting same name mp4 (hires) asset through ‘Custom Export’, ingest is shown success while there is no revision created for the same file
WC-2509Web Client | Add tag Feature inside collection for external user is not UI compatible
WC-2513Web Client | The exported edit metadata file shows Metadata keys Instead of value
ZS-12165Webmin | Pagination is not working in some of the hub panels
ZC-1617Check-In | Check-in is going to stuck if the server is restarted at the time of file copy to TPM incase of hires files
EJH-508AI jobs are still displaying the previous error after expanding the Job if AI Job is Completed successfully after the Retry attempt
EJH-514Face Recognition not displaying on preview if action buttons are used
Zoom 8.2.0-Release.406
ZS-12049A blank screen infrequently appears when exporting different resolutions while a preview is playing
ZS-12041Incorrect ration when cropping thumbnails
ZS-12042Ability to scrub high-res placeholder
VABNG-3605Advanced Search error when TO and FROM date is the same
EJH-471“Request sent to server failed” message pops up when resubmitting a failed restore job
Zoom 8.2.0-Release.347
Ticket IdDescription
ZS-11946Advance Search: Issues when using export to csv and export to xml
ZS-11944Search and Execute is not generating reports until it completes the operation
PNG-2205Same cached color is displaying for same type of data timeline when user
PNG-2251Unauthorized message while previewing files in the plug-in under certain circumstances
ZS-11939Administrators may receive multiple emails for the same critical server operation (e.g. Zoom service restart)
EJH-434Cleanup jobs should not be triggered when files are not present in the TPM
VAB8-32Users may not receive an email after using the Forgot Password feature in the Zoom Desktop
VABNG-3588Uploading a manual proxy is aborted with a mandatory metadata warning even in instances where metadata is not required
EJH-428The Asset Size values may not be displayed correctly in the Hub Dashboard for Mid-Res jobs
EJH-426Archive/Restore can fail for TPM files on a network/UNC path under certain circumstances
VABNG-3573The Zoom Desktop icons are not displayed under certain circumstances
ZS-11915Failed transcode emails are being resent for failed assets upon a Zoom service restart
VAB8-28A user’s favorite assets are not synchronizing between the Asset Browser and the Zoom Desktop
EJH-413S3 Uploads will fail if the incoming folder has trailing spaces
VAB8-146Notification setting in the Web Management Console may reset under certain circumstances
PNG-2285Preview issues for specific Creative Cloud releases
WC-2474Global comments are not displaying when comparing versions
PNG-2242Plug-in compatibility issue with InCopy and the Apple M1 processor
VABNG-3283Downloading an asset may file if it was resized beforehand
ZS-11903ERROR 500 when deleting jobs in the Hub Dashboard if the update time is empty
PNG-2258URL error when links have the special character % in the filename
PNG-2262Retain user selection in the asset list if switching resolution fails in the plug-in
EJH-420Bulk archiving notifications in the Zoom Client rather than notifying per asset
VAB8-158Sorting using the status column is not working in the Zoom Desktop
VAB8-166Zoom Desktop header is not visible while scrolling the collections from the Collection tab
VAB8-107The login screen may appear under certain circumstances while working in the Zoom Desktop
VAB8-101Issuing a search or browsing to a folder may show empty results if the Zoom Desktop client session was left active overnight
EJH-420Hub Dashboard GUI user interface may be distorted when reducing/resizing the web browser

Third Party Issues

Ticket IdDescription
EJH-563Hub is not working after upgrade to latest build due to change in h2db schema


  • Ongoing or pending hub jobs won’t be processed after upgrade. Admins must ensure all jobs are completed before upgrading. This applies to C3 and server hubs.
  • Hub jobs in the dashboard will not be shown after upgrade
  • Customers who are using AI and using h2db on server hub should migrate h2db to SQL db

Environment and System Requirements

This section lists the environment, system requirements, certified components, and the third-party compatibility matrix associated with this release of Zoom.

Third-party Compatibility Matrix

Server Operating SystemCentOS 7, Windows Server 2016
Client Operating SystemWindows 10 Pro, macOS BigSur 11.6.3 for Apple M1, macOS Monterey 12.2 for Apple M1 & Intel
BrowsersChrome – 98.0.4758.109, 98.0.4758.102
Safari – 15.3 (17612.
Adobe Photoshop23.1.1 , 22.5.5
Adobe Illustrator26.0.3, 25.4.1
Adobe InDesign17.1, 16.4
Adobe Premiere Pro22.2, 15.4.1
Adobe After Effects22.2, 18.4.1
Adobe InCopy17.1 , 16.4
Evolphin Job Hubv8.2.1-RELEASE-53-g872f3d3
Telestream Vantage7.2.166

Upgrade Zoom:

This release is compatible with 8.2.1-Release.1 and above

The client build can be automatically upgraded using your eZ Updater

Documentation and Support

This section provides details about Zoom product documentation and the additional resources that you can use to learn more about Zoom.

ReleaseDocumentation and additional resources