7.3.1 Release 127 Patch Notes


Release Date: 25th November 2019

Evolphin Zoom 7.3.1-RELEASE.127 is a patch release for Windows Servers and Windows Clients.

Major Fixes

  • In a Zoom NonStop setup on a Windows Server using LDAP, LDAP user association/disassociation with its user groups are also reflected in Zoom as user and role association after pulling users from LDAP.
  • In a Zoom NonStop setup on a Windows Server using LDAP, when users are mapped to multiple roles as per LDAP and these roles are assigned to specific projects and permissions in Zoom, then the user gets the correct permissions on the projects as per the role assignments instead of a highest permission on all projects for the user.
  • In the Visual Asset Browser, users can successfully remove a keyword associated with multiple assets now.
  • In the Visual Asset Browser on a Windows machine, a checked-out file or folder opens correctly in the Explorer when the user selects Reveal in Explorer for it. For a folder, it opens the folder in Explorer. For a file, it opens the containing folder.
  • A workaround has been included for the random login failures that were observed with the Ping realm in the previous release. 

Third-party Software Versions

Zoom 7.3.1 Release 127 builds have been tested against the following:

Operating Systems (Servers)Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Standard
Operating Systems (Clients)Microsoft Windows 10, macOS Mojave 10.14.6
BrowsersChrome (78.0.3904.97), Firefox (70.0.1 64-bit), Safari (13608., Microsoft Edge (42.17134.1.0)
Adobe Photoshop 20.0.6
Adobe Illustrator 23.0.6
Adobe InDesign 14.0.3
Adobe Premiere Pro 13.1.4
Adobe After Effects 16.1.2
Adobe InCopy 14.0.2
MAXON Cinema4D 19.0, 20.1
Adobe Flash Player32.0.0.223
Adobe AIR27.0.0.124


  • This release is compatible with bits 7.3.1-RELEASE.127 and above.