Hub 1.0 Release Notes

Hub 1.0-Release 556

Release Date: 1st July 2019

Hub release provides Hub Server and Hierarchical Archive components for Evolphin Zoom. It supports Zoom release 7.3 and above.

New Features

  • Evolphin Job Hub runs the Hub Server that provides Hierarchical Archive/Restore of assets in Zoom, including direct ingest, high-res, and image sequence assets.
  • The hierarchical archive is supported for files systems and externally for Amazon S3.
  • Job Hub has its own Dashboard that shows real-time estimation, monitoring, and control of archive/restore jobs.

Major Pending Issues

  • Smart linked and smart copied assets are getting archive related metadata field values populated incorrectly from their source asset.
  • When a new hub is being added in the Web Management Console and Dashboard is clicked before saving the new hub then an error is shown.

Minor Pending Issues

  • Sometimes for TIF files, archiving status is not updated correctly when using Hub for archiving.
  • Archive job status is set to Manual when the middle frame of an image sequence group is sent for archiving.
  • Sometimes, the Archive dialog box does not show Mid-res resolution for proxy assets. Relaunching the Asset Browser or Web Asset Browser solves this problem.

System Requirements

Operating SystemsLinux RHEL 6.7, Linux RHEL 7.0, Windows Server 2012 Standard
SQLMySQL 8.0.12