Not able to set up connection with SQL Server

While setting up SQL server connection from Zoom Server -> Server Control Panel, If you are seeing some access denied or not able to connect to the SQL server error.














Try the below steps to troubleshoot the issue:-

  • Make sure the has permission to access the SQL server from all hosts If it needs to connect from another machine, for same machine localhost would be fine. While creating user pass “%” or “localhost” to remote hosts.
  • The user should be having enough permission to access or edit the SQL tables in the given schema.
  • Try connecting from the command line – mysql -h -u revzoom -p
  • Cmd Line to grant the user all permission in all database  
    • mysql  > GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON zoomscript.* TO ‘revzoom’@’%’
    • mysql > FLUSH PRIVILEGES;
  • You can a user’s current permissions by running the following:
  • Or use some User Interface like MySql WorkBench to confirm the user access rights.