Out-of-the-box integrations

Creative Application Plugins

Adobe After EffectsFull DAM/MAM Panel with Export
Adobe IllustratorFull DAM/MAM Panel with Export
Adobe InCopyFull DAM/MAM Panel with Export
Adobe InDesignFull DAM/MAM Panel with Export
Adobe PhotoshopFull DAM/MAM Panel with Export
Adobe Premiere ProFull DAM/MAM Panel with Export
Maxon Cinema4DFull DAM/MAM Panel with Export, Image Sequence, Render Queue Management
Sketch AppFull DAM/MAM Panel with Symbol Versioning, Export*
Avid Media Composer No panel, desktop client based integration

*not supported from Zoom 7.3 onwards.

3rd Party System Integrations

3rd Party SystemNotes
Zapier API HubSee the complete list of 1000+ Integrations supported out of the box including DropBox, YouTube, Twitter, SalesForce
LDAP/ADNative LDAP integration allows LDAP store like Active Directory (AD) to be used for authentication
Oracle DIVADirect API access
SGL FlashNetDirect API access
Storage DNAAutomatic archive/restore access via file system driver
XenDataAutomatic archive/restore access via file system driver
Telestream VantageDirect API access
Amazon S3Direct API access
CloudianDirect API access
Google Cloud StorageDirect API access
Microsoft Azure StorageDirect API access
FfmpegDirect API access
ImagemagickDirect API access
REDLine SDKDirect CLI access for supporting RED camera formats
AVID Media ComposerVia Evolphin Zoom Desktop app
MacOS X FinderAllows working with any editing app without Evolphin Zoom Panel
Microsoft Windows ExplorerAllows working with any editing app without Evolphin Zoom Panel

Drop Folder Integrations

Using drop or watch folders in Evolphin Zoom and the 3rd party system many more integrations such as export, distribution, ingest workflows not listed here are possible out of the box.

Certifying New Third Party Vendor Releases

Third-Party SoftwareCertification Policy
Creative App Plugins (Adobe apps)Evolphin will certify major new releases no more than once a year. Minor releases by the 3rd party vendor will not be formally certified. Evolphin’s expectations are the vendor needs to ensure integration APIs compatibility across minor releases of their product. The customer is free to test with new minor releases within a major supported version and report API compatibility issue to the 3rd party vendor directly. This ensures the customer can upgrade to minor releases by the 3rd party vendor without waiting for Evolphin. Should an issue arise the customer can opt to roll back to a previous version of the app or file an issue/ticket with the 3rd party vendor.
System Integrations (Vantage, Archive back-end, etc)Evolphin’s expectations are the 3rd party vendors API will be stable across major releases. As a matter of policy, Evolphin will not certify with new versions or major releases. The system integration vendor is expected to guarantee backward compatibility of their APIs. If the customer wishes to have Evolphin certify new releases from the system integration vendor, they can contact the Evolphin sales team for a quote.