Tech Alert: MacOS Catalina Issues

June 15th, 2020.

Since Apple released MacOS Catalina in Oct’2019, customer have reported numerous issues with third party software installed on Catalina. As of this writing, Catalina 10.15.5 has been released, normally after .2 update MacOS stabilizes and issues are resolved. But unfortunately that has not been the case with MacOS Catalina. We are recommending customers hold off as long as possible from upgrading to Catalina.

Reported issues with Evolphin Zoom apps include:

  • Visual Asset Browser (VAB) after constant use runs into high memory usage which can make it to slow down, resolution is to restart VAB at least once a day or whenever it slows down
  • Depending upon the hardware (2019 or new Macs disproportionately affected), the Adobe AIR runtime used by some of the Evolphin Zoom Apps can appear to hang with a spinning wheel, resolution is to downgrade Adobe AIR to v27 instead of using the latest v32

A notable app we have seen system crashes with on MacOS Catalina is Google Drive File Stream based off the FUSE platform. If you are experiencing system restarts/kernel panics please check your Console App > Crash Report for the root cause:

For example with Google Drive File Stream related crash you might see in your Crash Reports:

Process:               mount_dfsfuse
Path:                  /Applications/Google Drive File

Such system crashes have nothing to do with Evolphin Zoom apps on the Mac desktop, we have no reported crashes to date. The MacOS system log can help user pin point the root cause and take action such as disabling Google Drive File Stream app.

If you have no choice but to upgrade to Catalina, please setup a representative test Mac in your environment and tests all the apps including virus scanners in use. You can also use Mac’s built-in Automator to perform automated UI tests on apps including Evolphin Zoom Asset Browser, if you need information on how to do this please reach out to our support team directly.