Zoom Client

How do I restart Zoom Client Proxy?

If you are not seeing the Z menu icon or the desktop clients gives error when connecting with the Zoom client proxy, try restarting the proxy. Restarting zmclientproxy process on Windows operating system On Windows zmclientproxy process is monitored and automatically restarted by watchdog.exe process From Z menu -> Restart ClientProxy or Manually kill the

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Metadata Groups Reordering

Changing the ordering of metadata groups visible in Asset Browser Metadata panel Go to zoom installation folder on your Zoom MAM Server. In the Zoom Installation folder, open conf/metadataspec.xml Add a new tag <mdgrouporder></mdgrouporder> inside the <config></config> tag. Add the group codes in the sequence that you want to see in the Asset Browser. This is

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Tips for Zoom Global Search

Here are some pointers on how to make effective use of the Zoom global search paradigm. Search via the Asset Browser has been detailed in this link here: https://evolphin.com/help/docs/v5/client/vab/search/ From the command line client, you could invoke the same search using the following command > zm -s http://zm-server:8880 find -e “tulips” The above command will invoke the zoom

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Linked Metadata

Through Linked Metadata you can create links between certain metadata fields which will show up in the check-in form containing mandatory metadata. For example, if IPTC copyright status is a mandatory metadata field, and if user selects Others as value for this field then we want IPTC copyright terms field to be added in the mandatory metadata

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Automatic Delink

The number of working copies on a computer can stack up over time. With Automatic Delink, Zoom marks old working copy files that have not been modified since the desired interval for cleanup by the user. When Delink is triggered, either automatically or manually, the assets are identified and marked for delinking and a new menu option is

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Existing Working Copies

Existing Working Copies Existing working copies lists all of the current working copy folders on your local computer. These files are monitored by Zoom for modifications to notify the user that there are updates. When a file is no longer needed on a computer, the can be Delinked, which will have Zoom stop watching those

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General Settings

Switch Language Zoom supports multiple languages. By default, Zoom comes in US English. To request a different language, please contact Evolphin Sales. Click the General section in Zoom Settings. Under Language, select your language. Add to Global Ignore Pattern on Zoom Client Global ignore pattern sets the filenames that Zoom will ignore when importing files

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Zoom Settings

Zoom Settings allows client users on Mac or Windows to configure the specific settings relating to the client installation of Zoom on their computer. It is accessible through the Z-menu on Mac or Windows. Mac OS X In the top-right corner of your computer screen, locate the  Z-menu. Click on the  Z-menu and click Settings. Windows In the bottom-right corner of your computer screen, locate the  Z-menu. If you do

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