Zoom Server

Hierarchical Keyword Dictionary Import

Zoom supports importing a keyword stock/dictionary to its repository. This dictionary can be viewed from the Asset Browser and keywords from it can be applied to the assets in Zoom. Any embedded (XMP) keywords found in the “IPTC: Keywords” property of an asset, if not already present in a categorized keyword, will be added automatically under the keyword panel’s “Uncategorized” bin […]

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Archive Management

You can manage Zoom archive and restore operations to move content from online to offline storage (such as LTO, Cloud-based e.g. Amazon S3) as well check on the statuses of assets in the repository from the Web-based Administration Console. Make sure you have the appropriate license and have configured the archive location as shown in the

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Backup Zoom Servers

Zoom Database Server Backup It is always important when installing Zoom to have a backup plan for key files in the unfortunate event that a system failure occurs. Fortunately, backing up the Zoom system can be configuring any enterprise backup system. Zoom’s RevDB database allows the database to be backed up even while Zoom is

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TCP Ports used in Zoom

The following ports should be opened in the firewall for Zoom access: Port Required for desktop access Required for web access Description 8880 Yes No Zoom Server 8443 Yes No Web Administration & API access 8873 Yes Yes Preview Server 8983 No No Zoom Curator Service 8874 No No Zoom NonStop Server to Server Data Transfer (HADR)

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