Auto-Retirement FAQs

Rule without path restrictions

What if I define a rule without restricting it to a certain Zoom path? 

If a rule has no path defined, then the rule implicitly applies to all the assets in the repository. While it may have been your intention to define an umbrella policy for all your assets, please make sure to assess if you have sufficient storage available in your FS (SAN) or S3 buckets to accommodate potentially all the inactive assets in your repository. 

Also note that if you have one rule governing all assets of the repository and it also has the shortest inactivity interval amongst all the rules defined, then, in effect, only this rule will -get executed as it short-circuits all the other rules. (See below for more details about this caveat). 

Asset retired before the inactive interval

I have a rule governing all PSD files set to be retired if they have been inactive for 50 days. But I find that some of the PSD files have been retired within 30 days of inactivity. Why?

Most likely, there is another rule having an inactivity interval of 30 days, and the retired assets have been picked up by this other rule. Remember, the rules are not mutually exclusive. All rules are executed on the entire repository, based on the criteria defined in each of them.

For example, your admin may have defined two separate rules like this:

  • Archive all PSD files if they have not been active for 50 days.
  • Archive all files under /Sports/Tennis/Wimbledon/2019 if they have not been active for 30 days.

In this case, if there is a PSD file under /Sports/Tennis/Wimbledon/2019, then the file would get picked up by the second rule and get archived 30 days after its last activity.

Settings in other tabs not saved

I edited the path field in one rule, edited the file types in another rule, and clicked Save. But only the file types were saved. Why?

Please save changes before switching to another tab in the ARS settings dialog. The UI is only programmed to save changes in the currently active tab (at the time of clicking on Save).