RED Camera Support in Zoom

Source: Support in Zoom

Zoom can support preview & transcoding of  RED raw camera files such as .R3D using the REDLine SDK from RED.

To add support for .R3D file:

  1. Download the REDLine CLI bundled with REDCINE-X PRO on a Windows Server running the Zoom VideoLX transcoder or Zoom Preview Server:
  2. After the install is done, ensure the REDline CLI is on the System Path:

    If it’s not on the System Path, append the path to the CLI executable to the Path environment variable

  3. Reboot the Windows Server to ensure the services can get the updated path. After a reboot verify the REDline SDK is on the path by running the CLI from a Windows PowerShell as following:

     If you see an output similar to above that means REDline CLI is working fine.

  4. Check in the Zoom Web Management Console Converters list if a converter for R3D file is available, if not create a new converter:

  5. If you are planning on using the RED converter with the VideoLX ingest, please ensure the converter checkbox for ‘Lowres’ is ticked:

  6. Now you are ready to ingest or preview R3D files. Note Zoom will not read the .RMD side car file, it will use the raw R3D footage.
8K Support: The REDline CLI supports all the RED cameras including 8K, as a result Zoom can also ingest and create proxies for 8K RED cameras.