Types of Archive Modules in Zoom

An archive module allows the Zoom archive manager to delegate the actual archive/restore operation to a specific archive handler. The following are currently supported:

Archive ModuleTypeImplementedDescription
BasicInternalBuilt-inSupports archiving to a single file system path on the network
Path-specific ArchiveInternal


Similar to basic, plus the ability to map Zoom project vaults to different file system directories. This allows each brand/business unit to have its own archive storage
File System ArchiveExternal

Zoom 7.3 onwards – using Hub (as Hierarchical Archive)

Supports archiving to external file systems and media using Evolphin’s Hub Server

Until Zoom 7.2 – using scripts

Zoom 7.3 onwards – using Hub (as Hierarchical Archive)

Supports Object Blob Storage or Cloud-based Storage such as Google Cloud Storage, AWS S3, Cloudian S3, or Microsoft Azure Blob
FrontPorchExternalUsing scriptsSupports Oracle FrontPorch DIVA
SGLExternalUsing scriptsSupports SGL FlashNet