AI Jobs Dashboard

The AI jobs are managed by the Hub Server, so you need access to the Hub Server to view the AI Jobs Dashboard.

Access the AI Jobs Dashboard using the Hub Server IP at http://[HubIP]:8282/

The AI Dashboard is shown.

It shows system information about the AI processes in Zoom. Click AI Jobs to see the jobs on the server.

The jobs are listed in reverse chronological order, with the latest jobs showing on top. If there are multiple pages then you can scroll using the Page number links on the bottom right or the Previous Page and Next Page buttons. You can also jump 5 pages in front or back by clicking the Previous 5 Pages or Next 5 Pages buttons that appear in place of the … shown for multiple pages.

You can filter jobs based on a few criteria listed on the top. Specify one or more of the filters and click Submit to apply the filters on the jobs listed below.

You have the option to select one or more jobs, by selecting the checkbox in front of their row. Select one or more jobs and click Edit to edit the details saved with the job. You can also select one or more jobs and select an Action from the Action dropdown in the top right.

Select Delete to delete that job. Any job that has started to execute on the external AI Provider will continue to be worked on.

Select Restart to start a failed job.

Select Insert to insert a new job record.

Click the + before a job row to view more details about the job.

The details depend on the status of the job. For completed jobs, it shows the assets affected.

For failed jobs, it shows the reason for failure.

Click Refresh to reload the data.