Zoom 8.2

is here!

Learn About Our Major 8.2 Updates

Zoom Desktop

The new features in Zoom Desktop that makes work easier »

Adobe CC Plugins

Creatives & editors will love create sequence feature! »

New Collaboration

Checkout the smart email alerts on new versions »


Experience the RED cloud native transcoder »

Navigation Made Easier

Ease of navigation is key to reducing time spent by editors browsing, or searching through their asset repository. Checkout the new features in Zoom Desktop 8.2 that make this a breeze.

Create Sequence from the Plugin

Adobe Premiere Plugin has been updated with an innovative new feature  that lets you create a new Premiere Sequence from an AI or human curated data timeline on the fly.

As an editor, you can quickly create nested sequences from selected clips and then string them together.

Notify only owner on asset change

Sometimes when working with a shared library of elements such as a brand logo you may want the brand owner to be notified if the element changes instead of everyone who touched the file.

Evolphin Transcoder 8.2

Prioritize Transcoding Jobs via “Pause Transcoding”

Media managers use the Evolphin Transcoder, day-in day-out to create low-resolution proxies for their media. 

Every now & then the media managers need to prioritize transcode jobs. In this update, Evolphin transcoder gets a “Pause” feature to allow Media Managers to stop transcoding of less important files.