Adobe CC Plugins 8.2

Top 7 Features in 8.2

Associating Multiple Exports with your Project

The Zoom Adobe CC Export panel is great for quickly exporting single file at a time such as a draft for review. The export automatically associates  the export to your Adobe CC project. 

Editors have requested the ability to associate multiple custom exports with our Export panel for reviews and commenting. In this release, we have added the ability to bring in custom exports into Zoom and associate them with the project using a simple drag-n-drop.


Create Sequence from the Plugin

Adobe Premiere Plugin has been updated with an innovative new feature  that lets you create a new Premiere Sequence from an AI or human curated data timeline on the fly.

As an editor, you can quickly create nested sequences from selected clips and then string them together.

Copy to Clipboard

All the Adobe CC plugins have been enhanced to allow you to copy text from any metadata in the Zoom panel to your clipboard.

Asset ID Search

In the Adobe CC plugins, similar to the Zoom Desktop app, you can quickly search for an asset by its unique asset ID.

Cancel an Export

Exports from the Premiere & After Effects panel often need long render time in Adobe Media Encoder. Glitches between the Adobe CC app and Adobe Media Encoder in the past could cause the plugin to be stuck waiting for confirmation from Media Encoder.

Now the editors can cancel an export if Media Encoder has an issue or if the export completes but Media Encoders fails to notify our app plugin.

Search UX revamp

Editors spend a lot of time in our Adobe CC panels searching for assets. In this update, we have streamlined the user experience for search by separating it out into its own tab.

Place SVG Links in Illustrator

Design teams using Adobe Illustrator often need to bring in icons or other vector art in SVG files to edit.

The Zoom Illustrator plugin now makes it really easy to embed an SVG directly from the panel.

Zoom 8.2 is here!