Evolphin Transcoder

Top 4 Features in 8.2

Prioritize Transcoding Jobs via “Pause Transcoding”

Media managers use the Evolphin Transcoder, day-in day-out to create low-resolution proxies for their media. 

Every now & then the media managers need to prioritize transcode jobs. In this update, Evolphin transcoder gets a “Pause” feature to allow Media Managers to stop transcoding of less important files.

Cloud Transcode RED Media & Camera Raw Images

In this release, the Evolphin team has extended the RED R3D transcoder to support AWS S3 storage. This innovative feature will make it viable to transcode RED files natively in the cloud, saving customers time & storage costs.

View Transcode Trends & Export Transcode Reports

Export reports such average transcoding speed,  hours of footage, number of files transcoded and more.

Transcode Email Alerts

In this release, we have added email alerts upon a transcode job success or failure.

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