Digital Asset Management Perfected

Evolphin Zoom facilitates the entire end-to-end digital asset management lifecycle for Creatives, Marketers, and IT teams.

One Central Hub

Keep everything organized and under control.

Analytics at Evolphin Zoom Evolphin Zoom video concept art Evoplhin Zoom Campaign Brief Assets management with Evolphin Zoom Repurpose brand assets from any web browser

With customizable brand portals, robust search, unlimited rich metadata fields, support for all file types, and so much more, your creative teams will work faster and smarter than ever.

Streamline Your Design

Adobe Photoshop CC 2017 integration with Evolphin Zoom Adobe Photoshop CC 2017 integration with Evolphin Zoom

Images and Graphics

Seamlessly create, find, edit, and produce any type of content without leaving native editing applications such as Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, or Sketch.

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Layouts and Documents

Keep track of all linked images within your layouts for easy rights management, and preview PDFs and Microsoft Office documents without having to open them.

Real-time graphics and video review and approval software Real-time graphics and video review and approval software

With Your Team

Securely share images, audio, videos and documents with colleagues and clients around the world for markup, review, and approval in any web browser on desktop or mobile. Get real-time feedback so your team can iterate faster.

Distribute Easily

Campaigns assets management with Evolphin Zoom Sunste on Mt. Shasta For the Love of Nature Yoga Class in Denmark Share finished assets to 750+ channels with Evolphin Zoom

Share finished assets to 1000+ channels including social media outlets, CRM systems, mailer programs, and cloud services.

Version Control

All versions are stored securely so you can always go back in time. Quickly compare versions to see the difference. Evolphin's front-end deduplication requires less data to be synced and stored, saving your team bandwidth, storage and time.

Protect Your Data

Keep your digital content even more secure with Zoom NonStop, ensuring high-availability and disaster recovery across the LAN and WAN infrastructure.

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Digital content protection with Zoom NonStop

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