Ignite your creativity with AI

Do more with AI. With the Evolphin MAM you can use AI to automatically edit videos in addition to identifying objects, logos, faces and more.

Video editors, assistant editors, and producers no longer need to manually scrub through hours of footage, and instead can create their rough cuts instantly. Watch the video and scroll down to learn more!

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Tag everything with AI

Automatically analyze your images and videos for objects, logos, faces, sentiment, and scenes. Transcribe your audio to text and create closed captioning, set up rules to define which media is analyzed by certain engines, and so much more.

Drive automations with AI

Combine AI analysis with Evolphin Zoom’s automation engine to open up a world of possibilities. Send images of a certain landmark to your travel department. Route all videos of a celebrity to your legal department for approval. Upload media containing specific athletes for licensing purposes. All without anyone lifting a finger.

Edit video with AI

With all your scenes and people identified, let the Evolphin Zoom MAM be your assistant editor and create the rough cuts for you. Select one or more properties to filter for, such as “all goals scored by this player” or “all medium shots of this celebrity” and the MAM will create a sequence that can be imported into any video editing program like Adobe Premiere or Apple Final Cut Pro X. Look through hours of footage in seconds, and save a crazy amount of time.

Get to the creative parts faster

So much time is spent searching for a clip, transcoding footage to the right format, or sending media where it needs to go. Doing it all manually can lead to time wasted, frustrating delays, and quality issues.

Leverage AI with the Evolphin Zoom MAM to do it for you, so you can save hours out of the day and get to the creative work faster.

Contact us today and see how Evolphin can save you time and boost your creativity, with the most innovative media management system on the market.

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