For Marketers

Plan and execute multiple marketing campaigns at once. Keep a clear view at all times of your media, resources, timelines, and roadblocks. Make insightful decisions for future content marketing campaigns.

Manage your Marketing Campaigns from One Place

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From planning, review and approval, to social media distribution, manage all of your marketing campaign materials in Evolphin Collections. Use our revolutionary DAM as the single source of truth for marketing content management.

Keep Your Clients Happy

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Happy clients means a smoother campaign and future projects. Create brand portals to track media, jobs, tasks, and resources to keep everything running on task and on time.

Easily Review, Markup and Approve Media Assets

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Receive notifications from creatives and team members when assets are ready to be reviewed. Mark up parts of images and videos and include specific feedback to ensure clear communication at all times. No more miscommunication from endless email chains of feedback.

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Crop and Edit Images and VideosEditing Images and Videos in Evolphin Zoom

Conveniently Crop and Edit Images and Videos

Once assets are finalized, use browser-based editing tools to crop images, add text, and change file formats so your designers can focus on more important tasks. Marketers can also make simple edits to videos without sending files back to Creatives.

Never Lose
Another Asset

Store all campaign assets in one easy-to-use, organized place. The Evolphin DAM let's you securely manage, archive, and retrieve all your media and files, so you never have to worry about losing important documents or images. Every version of every asset is saved as well, so you can iterate and go back to previous versions easily.

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