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Migrate Media Production to Cloud in 24 Hours

With a low cost monthly subscription fee, Evolphin Cloud allows media production teams to connect to each other in real time. Teams can edit, review, approve and publish digital content no matter where they are located.

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Typical office setup before the COVID-19 Crisis

On-premises media production is a complex process involving office storage, applications, networks, media encoders and workstations.

Typical office setup BEFORE COVID-19 crisis

What’s changed with the COVID-19 Crisis?

Transitioning to a remote media production, leads to even more challenges:

Slow home office setup AFTER COVID-19 crisis
  • Sharing media: Access to remote on-premises storages with high-res footage, images, design files is very slow using home Internet that is 5-20x slower than the office Internet
  • Limited computing resources of a laptop at home vs powerful edit stations at the office for editing projects and rendering final deliverables
  • Collaborating with colleagues remotely loses many of the benefits of face-to-face interactions
  • Security: A home office computer must be secure from malware, while also allowing access to remote workflows
  • Publishing deliverables from home  to various channels such as social media, CDNs etc. can prove difficult without robust networks  

Evolphin Unique Technology Stack

At Evolphin, we can migrate your graphics/video post-production workflow from on-premises  to the cloud overnight. Here is how we are doing it:

How to migrate to the cloud

Getting work done with home office network speeds

Evolphin’s unique deduplication algorithm is built into all our apps. That means when you edit and upload the next version of your video or graphic, we only sync less than 1% of the file to the cloud. For most editors, that translates into just seconds of upload time, compared to hours with other solutions. Collaboration is simplified because only the changes to a file are exchanged which saves time as well as provides strong version tracking.

Transfer media in the background without expensive file acceleration solutions

Transfer large media files 10X faster in the background with our built-in file acceleration service, without buying additional products. On each workstation, our cloud storage agent uses techniques such as multi-threaded, chunked transfers with auto-resume capabilities to move large footage files quickly. You don’t need shared office storage devices such as a NAS/SAN, or resort to using cumbersome VPN connection into the office.

Proxy based edits without office NAS/SAN access finally

Video editors do not need to download all of the hi-res footage to do their work; they can work with proxies until the final conform to the hi-res footage is required.

Collaborate, mark-up, review & share from home or remote office

Without uploading to yet another costly web service, editors, producers & end-users can collaborate directly within the Evolphin Cloud MAM. With Single Sign On (SSO) support Collaborators don’t need a separate login to review content on our cloud.

Ultimate security with single tenant cloud

Customer data is isolated in their own instance on the cloud. This approach massively improves data security. It also allows customers to configure security constraints via methods such as cloud VPN, Single Sign On (SSO) with multi-factor authentication (MFA), whitelisted IP address access from only remote computers, or even geographical restrictions to limit access within a country. Our automated around-the-clock vulnerability scans ensure your digital assets stay safe in the cloud.


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